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According to, well, a lot of you fine folks out there, the new, redesigned Google Play Store is making its way to more devices today. (It started its trollout a couple weeks ago, pushing to just a small percentage of devices.)

If you've yet to experience it, things are pretty different. You've got some proper Material Design love. Promo graphics now dominate the app listings, with a play button overlay if the app has a promo video associated with it. (And a note to devs: those promo images become mandatory at the end of the month.) And we've actually seen a few other changes just in the past few weeks we've been running this version, with the number of downloads gaining a badge, and a few other little tweaks.

All in all, good changes. My only real complaint is that when a changelog runs more than a couple lines and you tap the "Read more" button, you then have to scroll through the whole app description to get back to the changelog. But that's a minor thing.

Look for the new Play Store to push to you any time now.


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Redesigned Google Play Store hitting more devices


I really don't like it that much to be honest. I got it last night and though, "eh, they should have left it alone."

When you scroll through the description of the app you can click the X next to the app name and it takes you back to the main page.

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Yeah i noticed thanks, but the main irritating thing is having to scroll all the way down to see the full changelog. Just a small First World Problem lol

Another thing I've noticed is that if you scroll down too far, it closes you out of the window, too...

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Took 2 weeks to get my GPlay update that changed the entire look of apps and buttons from the original post of the change. Wasn't sure if I was going to like the update, and I'm still getting used to it.

I just wish Google would create a better search for the play store, so we could search within sub-directories to find what we are looking for rather than scrolling through a few hundred apps with just a general search term for the entire store.
You'd think a search engine company would have great search engine's for all their service's

works fine for me, though the only top left option for me is auto-update when on a specific app page.
If your talking about a hardware menu button i don't know, I don't have that anymore.
Maybe clear data on the play store app?

The top left has a Google play symbol which you tap to see the list of apps and settings etc. Every time I tap it I get the unfortunately Google play has stopped error and it closes.


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The same thing happened to me. I cleared the cache and data and nothing helped. So I uninstalled updates and reinstalled the previous version.

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I did that too, but it auto updates itself to the new version. This is only happening on my Optimus G, not my g pad nor galaxy s3. Just annoying lol

Same exact thing on my Optimus G since it updated last night. I tried clearing cache, no go, and uninstalling updates, but like you it automatically resets to this new version. I'm NOT resetting my whole phone to fix this. I did discover that if I swipe in from the left to open the menu I can navigate to my apps, but it still crashes constantly. All this being said it's a TERRIBLE update. Digging deeply to find last update date and cost is NOT user friendly. Honestly the Google developers have too much time on their hands, another example of change for change sake and a negative one at that. I'd go back to the old version in a heart beat if I could.

Wow, didn't even THINK to swipe over. Menu shows and works normal as i tap around. You resolved my annoying issue THANKS!!!!!

Well I reinstalled the update and also tried the swipe in from the left to get to the menu. It worked for me too. So as long as I don't press the menu button it works fine. Thanks for the work around. :-)

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The first time I tried this it did the same thing and auto updated itself. I had to uninstall updates and reinstall the previous version twice before it took. That's interesting, I'm also using an Optimus G, and still running Android 4.1.2.

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I also have an Optimus G and I have this bug too. I have the AT&T version, what about you ppl?

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same thing here!

can't manage my apps now... is there a way to fix this ? how can i update my apps without the left rolling menu, since i don´t like automatic updates for anything ?

when i click the top left icon it closes play store and i get a popup message saying the app was interrupted.

Opened the app this morning to do updates on my HTC One M8 and saw the new design. Absolutely love it. Can't wait for Android "L" on my device

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If you don't have this yet go to settings in the play store app, click on the Build Version, and it will say if you have the latest version or if a new version is there and may download and update.

Got it on my Note 2 today.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I do the same to the microwave because I don't want the neighbors hear me using it.

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Improved but they should add more breaks in all of that white space. Still would like purchased apps in one location. The "All" apps tab to have the ability to be filtered by a specific device and smarter app recommendations by device. A button next to the download count for the developer's other offerings like the similar button they added.

yeah, got it yesterday :) loving it so far, except where the share button is down there instead of on top.

Got it today on my Note 3 SM9005 few hours ago. New look currently looking good. I'm not able to post any comment till I use this change.

"My only real complaint is that when a changelog runs more than a couple lines and you tap the "Read more" button, you then have to scroll through the whole app description to get back to the changelog. But that's a minor thing"

Not sure what you mean by this. I just hit the X in the top left corner and return. I'm probably not following exactly what it is your saying,

AC every day

The What's New section when there's a new update only shows the first 2 or 3 lines, and if the dev put more lines in the What's New description, you have to click Read more and then you are taken to the Description of the app and have to scroll all the way to the bottom to continue reading What's New.

I hate the way they have What's New now.

Seems ok but it looks like it would be better on tablets or other larger screen devices. Not much information fits on the screen at once anymore I think due to icons for other apps being so large now so there is way more scrolling than necessary. It does look nice though.

I can't help but think there are a lot of "Google can do no wrong" people here. To me this is a downgrade... Used to see how many downloads, rating and price at the top of the page, now I have to click on it and scroll down to the bottom, bad form.

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Mine since has updated again, shows more info now (downloads, rating and price/iap) but still doesn't show file size unless I dig deeper. Still liked older version.

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My oneplus one doesn't have it, why does yours? Maybe it is become I have Pacman rom?

Posted via Android Central App on OnePlus One

Side loaded mines weeks ago. Side loaded it into my OnePlus last week. Love the new play store

Posted via my OnePlus One

I hate this new update. For once, I was happy getting updates last because I was dreading getting this update. It may be pretty but it's less functional. The changelog issue has been mentioned. The date of the update is also buried at the bottom of the Read More page. Also, if you are scrolling quickly to get to the bottom of the Read More screen and happen to swipe up once it reaches the bottom, the screen goes away and you are returned to the main app screen. I think Google took a step backwards with these Play Store updates starting with the permissions changes.

I like it. Making the video the top promo image was genius. Looks so much better and cleaner now.

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Yep got it like 3 weeks later. You can tell it's half complete. It's like half is kk ui and half is material ui.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

Just noticed that I have it now on my Nexus 7, thought it strange that I have had it on my M8 for a few weeks already but not the Nexus.

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I think the Play Store looks nice. And I'm starting to really like the Material Design look, even on Chrome Beta, after initially being put off by the changes.

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I side loaded it on my Moto X and GPad GPE the day it was released. I love the new design. It is very intuitive, and the app pages look much better than the old version.

However, I have two complaints. The first being: when apps are downloading, installing, or updating the whole OS crawls. This happens on both my tablet and my phone. Second: I too hate that clicking on the change log brings up the app info to which I have to scroll to the bottom. I ALWAYS read an apps change log every time it's updated because I'm anal like that. It makes reading the longer ones a PitA.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

How do we get the update to Google play store? Through Google play store itself?!

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My major gripe is that the update date and app size are now buried at the bottom of 'read more'. Those both need to be put back to the top of the page.

What bugs me the most (as a dev) is that it only shows the number of downloads in multiples of 5. So if your app has 14,478 downloads, the Play store app will show "10 thousands". That's misleading.

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