Pinterest for Android

Pinterest has been the hot new service of 2012, but we're still lacking an official Pinterest Android application. It looks like that might finally change this week at the Google IO developer conference in San Francisco. Our eagle-eyed pals at Ausdroid spied Pinterest listed in the Sandbox attendees. And, sure enough, in the description line it says "Now available for Android." You can't actually download it yet, but that's a pretty good sign that we should see Pinterest for Android this week.

And don't forget that we'll be at Google IO all week, so bookmark this page for all the updates! Here we go, folks!

Via Ausdroid

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Grahaman27 says:

how bout something good?

dphorgan2#AC says:

All the female Android users are going nuts!

silverfang77 says:

About time!

Stang68 says:

Yeah, I've noticed Pinterest is mainly for women.

orlanka says:

I'm pinning this now!

Sorry, not pinterested.

LOL funny but I'm a girl and don't know what Pinterest is!

Droidbert says:

hmm,sounds pretty manly to me.. well,hopefully girls can use it in the kitchen to make me a sammich .. yay! :)-

leerage says:

I'm sure there is some great chauvinist sandwich recipes available.

mlacla22 says:

Hey guys, lets be nice to the lady folk.

frashure#AC says:

My girlfriend has had the Pinterest app on her ThunderBolt for quite a while now.

Kodros says:

No she hasn't. Unless you are talking about the crappy unoffical one that spams your device with ads in the notification bar.

Raadius says:

Finally! I cant wait to use it.

Wicket says:

sweet! the wife is gonna be excited!

furrba11 says:

Pinterested? No, not really (Can someone explain the point of it?) Can't see me downloading to be honest. Saying that I've got Instagram and barely ever use that too (think I've only ever posted 2 pics and one of them was from several year ago).

Springpad is so much better and more useful