Google I/O app for Android

We'd love to take all of you with us next week to the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco, but you know how much it costs to check luggage these days. The good news is we'll be there to bring back all the latest Android news (including the likely possibility of seeing Froyo and Flash make their official debut). And you can follow along, if you want, with Google's official I/O Android application. Schedules, maps, the works. It's a must-have if you're going, and cool to play with if you're kibitzing from the sidelines. More screen shots after the break. [Market link]

Google I/O app for AndroidGoogle I/O app for Android

Google I/O app for AndroidGoogle I/O app for Android

Google I/O app for AndroidGoogle I/O app for Android

Google I/O app for AndroidGoogle I/O app for Android


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Official Google I/O Android app now available

Sorry, though that we called it the developers conference spelled things out enough. :p And since I've been the one screaming that we don't actually know if Froyo is 2.2, I'm about ready to say Froyo is 2.2. Won't actually know until they announce it, and I'm seeing other wackiness in our server logs, but there you go.

they should make a palm pre app for all us pre people getting the evo who want all the android news they can get. And if the evo sdk is true the evo will have 2.2

What is most striking to me about this app is that it is very much similar to the new Twitter app. Of course Google is behind them both. Is this simply because they share a common designer, or could it be that Google is trying to solidify a new design style for it's apps? And if so, will they push this with 3rd parties as well?

There's always been a problem with navigation in Android apps. Some apps use the Menu key for navigation, but in my opinion that's not the proper place. The problem is that navigation isn't baked into the platform. Designers create their own methods. Personally, I really like this Twitter/Google I/O style navigation with the buttons on the top for various navigational elements. And a "home page" of sorts. It looks good, and it works. I hope that more 3rd parties will adopt it.

Doesn't show up in the market on my Hero... great even Google themselves have forgotten about us lowly 1.5 Cupcake users! WHERE'S MY ECLAIR?!

Andddd.. it isn't available on Eris. Sweet! ;] I'll just have to check this site for updates instead.