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Ever done a search on Google only to be directed to web pages created in 2002? A little outdated, if you ask me. Google has remedied this by implementing some new search tools for your desktop PC and Android phone. Now, when you get to the search results page, you will see some added options that will help refine your search, and help you narrow down the more recent results. Google didn’t stop there – it also integrated a time line function, and added something called the "wonder-wheel," which will suggest similar material of your original search. Keep it up Google! [Google]


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New Google search comes to Android


Man I had this issue just last night doing some research. It was pointing me to sites that had wrote content on a similar subject but the content they wrote was from 2004. I needed information that was no older than a year ago. I love Google, keep up the good work guys!

Looks like this new design fixed the problem with the results options tab! Was anyone else having problems with the options tab next to each result where it shows cache and related. The problem I had was there was no way to select the items on the drop down menu it would just select the link behind it.

Most (if not all) of these features have existed on the desktop for a long time - under advanced search. The news for the desktop is that the features are now up front. Of course I can't verify it now, but are these features really newly available to Android users?