Google just announced its earnings report for Q3 2011. Get ready to hear the word "billions" a lot. Like, $9.72 billion in revenue for the quarter, up 33 percent from the same period last year. Net income (GAAP) was $2.73 billion, up from $2.17 billion for Q3 2011. The company has $46.2 billion in cash on hand.

So, yeah. Lots of money in the search business still. No Android news in the release (not that we expected any), so stay tuned for the earnings call and Q&A.

Source: Google

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I can haz a billi?

Donmeister85 says:

No, but you can haz cheezburger.

gray21t says:

maybe they should do something with all that money

Largg says:

Please take one of those Billion and buy WebOS. Please!

voodoo12 says:

Buy java from oracle..