Gmail Blue

It's Gmail, only bluer!

Determined to make bloggers miss the season three premiere of Game of Thrones, Google has released yet another April Fools' spoof -- Gmail Blue. It's everything you expect from Gmail -- rich text, attachments, threaded conversations, with a bunch more blue!

Hit the break for the video, and the source link for all there is to know. Can it be Tuesday already?

Source: Gmail blog

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Dperks17 says:

"Blue whales" hahaha this is why google is the best company!

still1 says:

Blue whales?? lol i laughed loud at that

They do a great job with the videos it could really fool you

Grahaman27 says:

reminds me of apple's keynotes. lol

I liked the subtle potshots at Microsoft and Samsung.

Quis89 says:

Really? Where did we see those?

Tietherope says:

The "inspired by nature" part could be a shot at Samsung and the whole thing is a shot at Windows Blue.

Jeffrey Liu says:

I like how seriously they are saying it.

Evoken says:

Google is amazing :)

bboyairwreck says:

Trolling Windows Blue

tarund says:

That was exactly my thought!

LHL2500 says:

The under water shot looked amazing. Where can I get that as a Hi-rez still? Would make an awesome wallpaper/background.

inyrules says:

You don't have to make the font blue, IT IS BLUE. Love it.

Strommer says:

That gave me a chuckle

rap1 says:

I love the sudden appearance of the Blue Man Group in the video.

mcaples says:

How do we completely re-design and re-create something, while keeping it exactly the same...then SUE everybody when they “copy” our stuff?????

Droid Brick says:

This reminded me of some 90s SNL commercial spoof. You know, when it was funny. Nice job, Google.