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Google Reader is finally dead


The Old Reader ( has a similar look and has the Search function for feeds. Feedly doesn't have Search yet but is on their road map.

It's also starting to get app support - GReader just added initial support in the latest (3.3.4) release, and ReaderHD will add support in the final 3.0 release (they're in 3.0 beta right now).

Feedly doesn't support offline (yet) :(
Hope it's coming soon :D
On the other hand... maybe it doesn't matter thanks to third party apps :D

Thanks Richard Devine,now I have too see the movie Old Yeller and do some crying at the end.

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I still find it interesting they killed reader. I am kind of surprised I guess that other services like Chrome to Phone for example would have more people using them and be safe from spring cleaning.

I believe that Reader was a big resource (storage/bandwidth) hog for maintaining the state of everyone's feeds. I wonder why Chrome to Phone is still around since that feature is basically baked into Chrome for Android. The only thing I can think of is maybe Froyo/Gingerbread support?

When I saw it still working yesterday I thought it meant it was just going to keep updating and doing its thing... today, it was almost creepy to see the screen not pulling anything in.

Dear Reader replacement builders. Just stop. Stop trying to put in that feature. Stop trying to make it social. Stop. Just make it plain as hell and we'll love it. Reader was plain. We like plain. Am I using the right plain? Plane? Whatever, I like it vanilla! now I don't know if that was spelled right. DANGIT!

No frills.. just information... that's all I want.