Word has come down from the Android-Build group that new source code for Android 4.4 KitKat is on the way, containing a number of bugfixes.

This new build KRT16S. (The original pushed out was KRT16O).

In addition, new factory images — including binaries — are available for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7s and Nexus 10.

No word yet on exactly what's changed, though we did discover a pretty significant audio bug in the Nexus 5. However, the N5 isn't mentioned with this update.

This could, however, help explain the sluggish push of over-the-air updates for the Nexus devices. 

Update: We've got a couple OTA links for those who aren't seeing any OTA and want to do some sideloading:

Source: Android-Build group


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Google pushing a bugfix for Android 4.4 KitKat [KRT16S], new factory images available for Nexus devices


it would be nice if people would specify which update they received OTA. My Nexus 10 is still lacking the OTA for KRT 160, bu it looks like those that sideloaded KitKat are already getting KRT 16S.

Sluggish indeed... Almost 3 weeks since announced. My nexus devices are still on jelly bean. I know I can sideload, I'm waiting for the ota this time.

Not to jump on the apple bandwagon but they seem to be able to release it the same day =/ Google need to speed up a bit, the moto x has 4.4 before a lot of nexus devices and that's passing through the carrier too!

Yes, they got 7.0 out the door nice and quick. Followed by iOS 7.01, 7.02, 7.03...

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Actually iOS7 was announced many many months before users got the update. The only way to get it early was to pay $100 to use beta. Sideloading suddenly not so bad huh?

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just speculation on my part, but I think the OTA's have been postponed for Cell Devices mainly due to a particularly crippling SMS bug...when an SMS comes in, it can kill your mobile reception, dropping you down to emergency calls only until you power cycle or go into airplane mode and back out, although Data works fine.. I've been seeing this consistently over the last week and I've started reading about others having the same issue on other carriers. Really hoping this patch fixes it.

Are you sure? In the original factory image the baseband was named .84 but when flashed was .97 in the bootloader

Ah ha, so that's what's been causing this to happen?? Good to know it wasn't just my service being wonky...

Would that be the case on all versions of the N4? because I loaded the factory image last weekend and I haven't experienced any issues like that. Text messages are coming and going fine and no signal drop out, in fact, my signal has been better than when on 4.3!

have only seen the issue with the N5; I had looked for people who loaded the factory N4 Image but hadn't seen anyone, at least no one reporting the problem. The problem isn't completely consistent however. sometimes a text message comes in, and it's fine, and others, the text message will come in and will drop, I drop about two times daily, but that should drop as I've asked the wife to stop sending texts and just send me a hangout message instead (googles grand plan? ;)). It will look like you have a good connection, because Data still works, but phone signal is gone.. I'm hoping it's a quick fix.

I sideloaded 4.4 onto my nexus 4 and I haven't had any issues with SMS so far. The baseband version is 2.0.1700.97.

Received the ota two minutes before this story posted. Nothing I've noticed. Guys at Xda already have it zipped up.

No sooner then I read this and and boom a 1.4mb download to install was ready, loll, so yeah it has started, FYI still no art for N7 2012 :(

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There's a brightness issue. If you turn it all the way down it will go black and then it's impossible to turn it back on. That's the issue with my nexus 7.

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How long took the moto x gets it... unless this is the update they got

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Ahhh OK, I thought that when I read the article, but then it mentioned about the speaker bug on the 5 so thought maybe it would include the 5 also, thanks for clarifying, hope we find out soon what it fixed

Also the update was 3.4mb on the N7 2013, Im Reading 1.4mb for the 2012, wonder what the difference is

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Still haven't gotten the OTA kitkat for my nexus 7 (2013) :'(

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Whew! That takes the panic away. I'll stop being a baby about not getting the update on my nexii 4. Still a lil upset about the Moto X being blessed with it tho

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I literally read this, checked for an update on my Nexus 7 (2013), and there was the KRT16S OTA! Installing right now in CWM and (hopefully) retaining root access as I did sideloading KitKat 4.4. Certainly explains the sluggishness of the original KitKat 4.4 OTA.

Just got a update for my 2012 n7 for kitkat it was only1.4mb i had previously sideloaded kitkat

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Also search bar still overlays other widgets in landscape, unless you move down the widget in portrait then it doesn't.

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I had sideloaded and I am now receiving the update. Cool, I was getting worried about sideloading after the talk of the delay that popped up today.

I had sideloaded 4.4 on Nexus 7 wifi and just received the update to KRT16S OTA. Very small file. Expect this was reason for delay in OTA rollout. I hope it won't delay rollout for HTC One GPE.

Yeah, I side loaded the 4.4 OTA's for both my Nexus 7 2013 and my Nexus 10 just today. Both of them got small OTA's in the last ten minutes. I've never had updates for two devices appear at the same time.

Interesting, did any of you use a different recovery after side loading as in, flashing cwm or twrp instead of stock version?

there's a bug in the camera app, sometimes it just stops working and needs a phone restart in order to work again. Also, wifi disconnects randomly even in strong signal areas (though I suspect that maybe from my wifi router being connected to many devices.

Phil my Nexus 5 has a build #KRT16M
It's different than the ones you mentioned.
Any clue?

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I'm really hoping Google fixes the Nexus 5's always on location battery goes max of 8 hours with less than 1 hour of screen on time because the location is always being accessed. I turned of location access and my battery goes for forever now. I just turn it on when I need navigation.

I just got and installed the OTA for KRT17S. Looks OK so far, but I haven't done much yet.

The only problem I had with the initial 4.4 release was difficulty connecting to a D-Link router. I'll need to recheck that tomorrow.

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Got the ota update right away on my Nexus 10. Still waiting on my Nexus 4

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I sideloaded the OTA update for my Nexus 7 last week and I just got the OTA update about 30 minutes ago. I'm hoping I'll get the OTA update for my Nexus 4 as soon as it's available since I flashed the 4.4 factory image last week as well.

Same here, regarding the side load of 4.4 and the OTA update this evening.

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I want this for my 2012 N7. So wish I'd get the OTA. Tired of waiting for my sweets.

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Just got the OTA KRT16S on my nexus 7 (2013) in Vancouver, Canada!
I previously side loaded 4.4 cause I got tired of waiting on that OTA.

Damn...! I just this morning flashed my N7 with the Nakasi factory image to resolve some issues. And just this evening got the update OTA. :-\

Since Helium made the whole process near painless, I just may do same for my N4.....

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Just got OTA. I sideloaded kitkat a few days ago.

Anyone know where a change log is for this update.

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This all can be an excuse made up to cover the failure and mistake they just did letting us behind, the bad taste and feeling of betrayal doesnt go away with water and soap, Im not content till they give an apology or explanation, maybe a feature in exchange os this bad management they shown.

Good luck with that. The world doesn't owe you an apology or payoff for every little thing that disappoints you.

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I hear they got a bunch of guys in a back room hoarding features just for occasions like this. I expect they'll let 2 or 3 loose. I'm kinda pumped now! NEW FEATURES!!

Never in a million years would have thought I would get 4.3 update for my Tmo GS3 before my stock 2012 N7 would get the next 4.4 update (which I still don't have) and have both my N7 and S3 both running 4.3! Wow Google is really starting to slip and drop the ball when it comes to updating OTA / Owning their own stock branded devices!! It is well known owning Nexus devices is a give and take where you might not get the best specs.... you are first to get the OTA updates..... Now even this doesn't hold true (Moto X before "Nexi" for the 4.4 update?!?!?) ..... I might not get the N5 afterall.

Thanks, Phil! Always nice to know you and the team are looking out for us!

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Still no original kitkat ota on my 2013 N7. Seriously? I am so mad at Google right now

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In with you! My Nexus 10 is still stuck with 4.3 and never received Kitkat yet! Can't they just speed up the process?!

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I'm liking this rollout, it seems Google carefully choose to have the n4 last in line so as to iron out the bugs for daily drivers

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ya that didnt work. device not found, or cannot read my
Spent an hour troubleshooting but got no time for this back to studying. Bitch!

What is the point of having a Nexus 7 is the updates are not timely?

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Yup, I just got the OTA 1.4 mb update on my stock, rooted 2012 Nexus 7

Edit: I lost root and TWRP after the OTA. Gonna try to flash my recovery and SU again

I'm still waiting for mines Nexus 7 2013 WiFi version no Kit Kat yet been waiting since last Tuesday ....

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I side loaded 4.4. Super easy. I will make a video on how to and put it on my YouTube channel. Just got the most recent update now OTA

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hi, last week i did sideload the factory images 4.4 (KRT160) and now u guys saying that the "Google pushing a bugfix for Android 4.4 KitKat [KRT16S], new factory images available for Nexus devices", so will i get this update via OTA or i will have to sideload this images to get a new bugfree 4.4?

I hope for a fast reply :)
thank you.

You'll get an OTA, but don't expect "bug free 4.4" there's no such thing as a bug free OS lol

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for those wondering about changelog (hey +PhilNickson, maybe you're interested) I got it on my N7-2012 this morning and after the update there was a notification to setup backup account.

Tapping on the notification popups a screen asking to chose the google account (or create a new one) I would like to do my backups. I selected and it disappeared.

If I go to Settings->Backup & reset, there's this new option "Backup accoun" too. Not sure if it was there since 4.4 and this thing just decided to ask me about it now, but I guess it's a change log.

That 1.4 MB ota update feels like it got all the bugs out. Wugfresh took makes rooting and restoring so much easier

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Just got the OTA on my Nexus 7 2012. A very small one, probably some minor bug fixes.

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so, my new n7 had never had any touch issues until Google made an ota to fix touch issues lol... then kitkat came and fixed that. then I took the ota last night, and this morning, I had to touch links and stuff like 5 times before they responded. luckily a reboot fixed this, but if this ota broke the damn touch functions again, I'm going to be real pissed.

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does anyone have a video showing how to do this update manually? I havent done this before and want to try it. If someone does Thank you.

I haven't received either of the OTA's for my Nexus 7 (2013) yet. Normally, that would bother me.

It doesn't this time. I'm a heavy user of all Google's services. All of the main apps I've used have received the latest updates, with the latest functionality.

Having a Nexus 5, the only real differences I notice is some of the UI functions have for lack of a better term, "moved". The functionality is the same.

Take Google Now. It functions the same. With GEL launcher, it's a swipe to the side. Not really a big deal, so long as Google Now works.

At any rate, I'm eager for the update, but so long as the core services I use get the latest updates, I'm not sure it matters to me if I'm not running the latest update as soon as the factory images are released.

It almost seems as if Google, including all of thier services, have become the skin for Nexus devices. Or maybe it's always been that way, and I was too worried about updates to notice.

If that's the case, bring it on. So long as Google's vision of Android never becomes as closed down as Amazon's.

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I manually installed the Nexus 7 (2012) 4.4 OTA last week(From the Hosted Files). Just now checked and installed the 1.4MB update. No bug update for the N5 though...

Same with my 2013. It's my first Nexus device. Not totally thrilled. I bought this and the Nexus 5 to avoid exactly this issue.

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Google hates me, nothing for either of my N7(2013)'s yet :( But I'm glad they held off on OTA's once they found problems, could have saved a lot of grief if they had said, "Hey, we found a problem, will OTA when fixed" on twitter or something. LOL

I have flashed KRT16O on my nexus 4 and since then GOOGLE NOW doesn't work. It says Location History doesn't work in my country. I have been looking for solution since then but no luck yet.


I got my kit Kat today...Nexus 7 2013 WiFi version... Hope u gets urs also....evrythin is smooth and fast:)

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In Chicago and I literally JUST got the OTA for my Nexus 7 outta no where!!!! It's been weeks and I'm been waiting and waiting and guys it IS HERE!!!! 4:35pm in Chicago IL...totally stock Nexus 7 2013 got the 4.4 OTA now!!!

This is where apple wins. Apple would never let the 5s out in the wild w/o offering everyone else the update. I'm still waiting. This some BS.

what is the restart adbd. init recovery mean??it is show up on my samsung galaxy note and what should I do< I can't turn on my phone thanks.