Did you miss our live coverage or just want to see all of Google's Honeycomb demos shown in video format? Well, Google has your back and has posted a video of their entire Honeycomb event on to YouTube. The video will run just over 50 minutes but is well worth the time as Google employees and guests show off apps, widgets, multitasking, notifications, and more. (And see if you can spot Phil!) [YouTube]


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Google posts Honeycomb event video


I missed the first 20 minutes or so, so I'll watch it and hopefully it's better than the later part of the presentation. It was interesting, I just didn't get the *wow* factor out of it :-)

Ok, just watched the 1st 15 minutes. I'm impressed!

I love, in minute 12, how the transitions start stuttering the moment he starts commenting on "how incredibly fluid and smooth" the transitions are.

im just not sure that this will be ported to phones. i dont get it. i geuss that itll be certain features, but alot of what they have going on can be used for tabs. still amazing though.

Actually, Google devs are required to use either OS X or Linux (usually Ubuntu) at work--no Windows. But it would've been more compelling if a Chrome notebook had been used instead.