Google Maps Update

Google Maps just got itself a little update in ye olde Android Market. And as you can see above, the changes are as follows: You can filter your search results by what's currently open, but neighborhood or by related searches. Also, you can browse the updated reviews section of Place Pages to read others' reviews.

OK, so not the sexiest of updates, but a fairly major one nonetheless. Have at it! [Google]


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Google Maps updated to Version 4.6 with search improvements


That's true 99% of the time. The 1% of the time when it's an app that's baked into Android, the first time you update it you have to find it on the market and install the updated version. After that, it's updated like any other app.

the market really is terrible. i waited hours today to update opera mini...
.androidsecure deleted...
i am really beginning to dislike android, too many variables

Then I suppose you could return?/go to Apple. They're quite simplistic and for the less intuitive. ;-P

My thoughts exactly. For people who prefer to have choices made for them, and avoid "variables", iPhone really is the better choice.

Just as bad in my opinion, though now they have a better financial back bone, perhaps they can actually do something worth while.

I am also getting the same issues as some previous posters. Download will pause and eventually fail, regardless of what app I try to download. Must be something going on with the Market.

Yep download unsuccessful. Haven't tried anything besides Google Maps update, so I'm going to wait until later and try again. If we keep trying and trying I'm sure it will bog down servers.

to the guy sayin hes startin to dislike android.... FYF... every OS has their problems and this isnt even a problem, overloading shouldnt get you frustrated, everybody uses the google maps. why you in a rush?

I also can't download it. Starts and then pauses or just kinda freezes. Probably need to give it a few hours for the servers to cool down.

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened." - Obi-Wan

The market being down isn't exactly a new thing. I have been having intermittent problems downloading apps for months. Still it is nice to see it mentioned here.

So another update and you still can not erase your Directions/Layers History in the Layers section !!! Nice going.