Google Maps update

During the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich demo we got to see another use for NFC. Beam, demonstrated sharing of information across devices and it looks like Google has now updated Google Maps to support the feature. You won't find it listed in the change logs though. In fact, the change log only states the update has reduced file sizes for app storage on different devices but the permissions tell the truth. New permissions requested are for NFC and when you put the pieces together, its safe to assume Beam support has been added to Google Maps.


Reader comments

Google Maps updated to support NFC-powered Beam feature


are the transparent + and - buttons new? i don't recall ever seeing them before and see no mention of them. i like!

The buttons have always been there (for me, at least), but they used to be horizontally placed and rounder.

does the new version include the rate places widget? i had to force 5.9 version to keep this widget and was curious if they put it back in.