Maps Update

Today we see an update to Google Maps. The update bumps us up to version 5.10.1, and brings some bug fixes, as well as improved location accuracy for Transit Navigation. So, why wait any longer? Hop past the break for download links, or head into the market and grab your update.


Reader comments

Google Maps updated, brings improved location accuracy and more


Anyone else having an issue getting this update? When I tap update, it takes me to the screen to confirm/allow the app, but it just sits there loading. Tried it multiple times at home on wifi, and also OTA, but neither are working. I was able to install other updates just fine to other apps though.


Pushed it from and it installed fine that way. Even after a reboot of my phone I couldn't get it to update via the on phone market :-/

Oh well, working now!

Same here on my SGSIIE4GT, it gets stuck at the loading pave after i click update. Tried rebooting the phone, clearing the cache in the market and uninstalling the previous updates. Still a no go. Downloaded and installed fine on my Evo View

No issues on my E4GT, but I've had that happen to some apps before on different Android phones. I haven't found a solution I just cancel and try reinstalling later.

I just tried again and it downloaded fine. I've had the same issue on different phones and cardiers. Glitch in the system I guess.

Worked fine on my Nexus S.

I recently had issues with the new Google+ updates, then realized I had set my Market to filter out "Mature" content (Google+ is more mature than the Browser/Web?... go figure). Perhaps check your Market maturity level. (Although I do not think this is your problem either... sounds more like a problem I had with my Market downloads getting "stuck" on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 after which a Market exit and restart fixed it usually for me unlike your case)

I have been having issues recently where the apps sit there loading for a while.

I just back out and try again and it works.


yeah i had the same problem trying to update the app. after 4th attempt, I finally get it to update.
Make sure you go to "my apps" and select the "Google Maps" and update manually. My market for some reason didn't show any notification for this update.

Is that an iPhone in the screenshot?!?! lol j/k (stupid Apple).

Update worked perfect for me on my Thunderbolt.

Does this finally fix the stupid auto-dimming that they introduced in 5.70? I have been manually reinstalling 5.60 ever since.

every time after the new update i check if the issue with custom map directions created on PC and sent to the phone was fixed. but it seems that they are completely ignoring it. this is so annoying! how difficult is it for them to fix this bug?

its not a file, you create your custom directions on google maps on PC and email it to yourself or anyone you want. so when you click on that link in your email from android phone it opens up google maps but the directions look completely twisted and screwed up. there are a few discussions about it on the net. try it, you will see what i mean. this is very important to me. and because it doesnt work i have to print out the directions from google maps on PC and use a piece of paper to see the streets i need to turn to. i bet it would take them one day to fix it but they arent bothering. hell they could even add this feature right on the phone's version of the maps if they wanted to...

Email it to yourself?
Say what?

I just routes or stared places to My Maps on Google maps on the PC, and then it appears as named layers on the phone.

Just star a place on the PC, and let google navigation get you there.

Want to take a custome route, set that up on the PC as well. It will appear on the phone.

What's all this email stuff?

after your reply to me, I went to google maps and created custom route and it does appear in layers. BUT it does not appear in google navigation! if i try to star the place it gives me only option to search for a particular point on the map but as far as creating my own custom route and activating it in google navigation it does NOT work.. there is one of the many many threads about this issue am I missing something here? I need my custom routes to be with voice guided google nav. and that does not seem to be possible at this point (at least I can't find the way how to make that happend) unless I'm lacking some secret knowledge that other people possess. Would you please kindly provide me a link with step by step instructions if it is not too much trouble for you. I would very much appreciate that. thank you.

It updated fine on my OG Evo but the "improved" location is not improved at all, its actually worse. When I access Google Maps from my home it shows that I'm located behind the grocery store around the corner from my house...WTH

EDIT: I uninstalled the update then reinstalled it & it now has my correct location...YAY

Improved accuracy my bootay! I'm sitting in best buy's parking lot and it showed me in the next parking space over. Just kidding. Color me impressed.

I've had a lot of issues with google maps since I got gingerbread on my DX (past couple months). Anyone else with a DX having problems recently?

The Google Map app has the ability choose and save locations that are already in Google Maps as My Places. I would like to be able to save some locations that are gravel farm roads, without an address. I can set a pin on the point but cannot figure out how to name it and save it. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Awesome.. Google Navigation seems to have some improvements too, that I think must've come from this update.
Before, I would turn onto a street, and it wouldn't tell me how long to stay on that street until the next turn, which was kind of agonizing. Do I stay on this for 100 feet, or 30 miles?
Now, as soon as I turn onto a street, it immediately says "stay on [this street] for [x] miles". w00t! Much better user experience.