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NORAD might have deserted Google Maps this year in favour of Microsoft to power their Santa Tracker, but Google has gone ahead and come out with their own apps anyway. Santa Tracker is available to download now for both Android devices and for Google Chrome. Perfect for the kids -- and the big kids.

Naturally, at the moment the apps don't do a lot. All we see is a countdown screen as to when Santa will be taking off. The app should start working from 02:00 PST on Christmas Eve, as jolly old St Nick begins his global journey. When the app does kick into gear, we'll be treated to all kinds of Santa based information such as the number of presents delivered, his route plan, and when he'll depart in your part of the world. All this is displayed using Google Maps. 

And, if that's not enough, through the power of Google Voice, you can go and request a personal call from the big guy himself. That does seem limited to North America though -- but then, if Santa's using Google Voice, North America is all he can call. 

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Google launches their own Santa Tracker complete with Android application


Worth mentioning that this is worthless on a mobile device. Running stock 4.2 on a GNex on Chrome and the site is awful.

Need more details on the phone call from Santa - not gonna sign up my 9 year old for it without more specifics on what it will contain.

Checked the about and help pages on the site and both are useless.

Edit: If you go through all the steps you can listen to it before sending it

So Google doesn't do any of their own apps for the Kindle Fire, huh? I didn't realize that until I tried to get this for my kids on their KF.