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The screenshot above, while not Android, is extremely interesting regardless because of what it may be showing off. Posted by developer François Beaufort, what's seen here is a Chrome OS desktop with both a new notifications system and more interestingly a new app icon that we've never seen out of Google before. The "rich notifications", which show messages, calls and Google+ activity all in-line and within one pane are displayed in a new Jelly Bean and Google Now design. The new icon, to the right of the Google Drive app in the dock, shows four cascading Google-themed chat boxes.

This screenshot raises a whole lot more questions than it answers, and instantly gets us speculating as to whether or not this new notification system and app are a sign of something bigger than just Chrome OS notifications. Could this finally be a unified messaging service from Google? This could quite easily be just Google+ notifications -- missed hangout calls, Google+ Messenger messages and picture shares -- but we surely hope it's more than that.

Now of course this isn't Android, but it could have a huge impact on Android users if this turns out to be a true unified messaging service from Google. A unified messaging system that brings together Google Voice, Talk, Google+ and others would be a huge step forward for the integration of Google's often-disjointed services.

Source: François Beaufort (Google+); Via: Droid-Life


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Could Google be working on a unified messaging platform?


Google already said that they are working on unifying messaging. and thats the reason why they bought Meebo last year. now publish Google Talk as an app in playstore and update it with this unified app. dont want separate apps for talk and this messanger.

This is really exciting.

We're going to need separate apps for IM and texting.
Texting and calls go through Google Voice, but IMs go through your Google account (G Talk).
An app isn't the solution. Deeper integration in the Android OS is needed.

Right, and it could pick the cheapest route for the message. Use G-Talk if they are on, SMS message if not. Lets hope they build it on a plug in architecture so you can add MSN, Yahoo, XMPP, and have it smart enough to figure the best and cheapest route.

I like it.

I think it would be extremely cool if you could set up each contact differently. If you want one person to always go to google talk, it will send the message their first. If you have a friend on iphone it will send through google voice. then it wouldnt matter how youre communicating, youre just communicating. we also need picture/video send and send/read update status. oh, and the ability to share to the app. you cant share to google talk right now.

That would be extremely cool. If you have a jealous girlfriend and your bangin another girl on the side, instead of getting a second phone for the affair. Just redirect the other girls number to a different texting app. Brilliant.

So if she goes, who do you keep texting. Just go to the native messaging app and show her that you haven't been texting anyone. HAHA, I'm a scumbag.

these people ^^ are making shit so complicated. msn? yahoo? get outta here.

just make the damn app like imessage or whatsapp, simple. make it work.
make sure it syncs with your google acc and phone number & (i guess) google+ even though nobody uses it.

why is gtalk not used by anybody even though it comes with every android? BECAUSE ITS A PAIN IN THE ASS, doesnt sync with your phone #, doesn't have a pin/barcode system to add people only e-mail which, really, who uses that? and you can't even send files.

google has to make sure everyone uses "babel", force it upon us like apple did with imessage. But i think the whole signing into g+ to send pics is gonna turn a lot of people off. but hey it might be worth it google could surprise us.

So true, so true. Right now in the trifecta of my N4, N7, and Samsung Chromebook, the Chromebook is like the ugly duckling. It sort of plays with the Google stuff, but pretty much has to interact with the others through the cloud. Quack.

I'd love to see that a few messages have come over my phone, and instead of reaching for the 7" tablet to answer them, grab the Chromebook to really slice and dice my messages before kicking back again.

Someday, Google, someday ... okay?

Isn't it quite obvious I saw someone who works for Google on Google+ and he said they were working on this.

Heck yes. I've always thought that Google needed to polish up its branches of messaging and VoIP services. Hopefully this brings all the best features into one unified client.

Google Talk and G+ Messenger NEED to be unified. Period. Maybe later on they could combine it with SMS like Apple's Messages does, but IMO unfiying both "chat" platforms is more important. Then again I live in a country where people barely use SMS, in favor of email and Line/Kakaotalk/etc...

I don't understand why they aren't. It is really annoying when a friend starts a conversation on G+ messenger and then out of nowhere sends me a message on G talk

OMG i made so many post on Androidcentral bringing attention at how frustrated I am about android and its many many different messaging options. It should all be just one instant messaging app. I pray we get it this month!!!! I am so excited this will give android and especially Google+ tremendous users!!! lets pray!

I hope Google gets unified messaging right.

Google Voice, Google Talk, Google+ Hangouts, Google+ Messenger, AND your mobile number.

I mean really, there is no reason why Hangouts can't be synonymous withe video chatting as "Skyping" or "Facetiming".

as long as this unification is unifying mms too, because its been far too long that google voice hasnt been able to do this (sprint aside)

Here's what I'm hoping/predicting. A rebranding of Google Talk, which is a unified messenging center combined with g+ and gvoice. It will sync between desktop and phone, and send sms to non-smartphones, as well as being a notification center for g+. It will cover all social type interaction in your google account.

Agreed, a unified messaging service would be AMAZING! The two big things Android needs imo are unified messaging that includes sms, mms, gtalk, and video chat (video chat needs to be as easy to use as it is with imessage or most users won't understand it).

The other is unifying storage of music, photos, calendar info, contacts, etc. with a desktop program rather than using multiple different services. Right now it is just overwhelming the amount of separate services a user needs to sign up for to gain all this functionality.

The Palm Pre had a unified messaging app. With Mateus Durante at the helm, I would bet well be seeing this for Android soon.

The Palm Pre had a unified messaging app. With Mateus Durante at the helm, I would bet well be seeing this for Android soon.

Yes it is. If it doesn't download correctly the first time and you have auto retrieve on, the message will be lost unless you install another messaging app. Half the time I don't even know I got the message.

Seems that I've got an additional notification in my icons on windows 7 running the latest dev version of chrome. Looks like everyone shall be having combined notifications. Of course it crashes whenever i try to go to settings.