18 hours ago

BBC Sports Android app adds Chromecast support and more


The BBC Sports app for Android has been updated today with a few new features, most notably a way for the app to connect to a Chromecast HDMI dongle for the first time so that live and on-demand video from the app can be streamed from a smartphone or tablet to a big screen television.

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19 hours ago

Facebook's new save feature lets you get to that quiz later


Facebook will soon let you save your favorite things from Facebook. Not a local save, mind you, more of a Pocket for Facebook, and only in Facebook. With the save feature a tap or two will let you save a link, place, or bit of linked media (movie, TV show, or music) for later reference. Those hilarious (or incriminating) status updates and photos? You still can't save those — you'll still have to resort to a screenshot for that.

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20 hours ago

Yahoo Mail review


This week we're going to be taking a deep dive into some of Yahoo's Android apps. Sure, Google trounced them in search in the early days, but Yahoo has managed to stick through it with a couple of bruises.

As it turns out, Yahoo has some pretty great apps. First and foremost, Yahoo Mail delivers some extremely sharp visuals thanks in no small part to the strong theme support. While looking through the inbox and other e-mail views, the background is blurred out, but as soon as you pop into a menu, you get a striking wallpaper and assigns a complementary highlight color through the rest of the interface. A similar set-up is available on the web, but unfortunately the two don't sync. Besides that, the icon set is flat and minimal, just the way we like it, and transition animations are smooth.

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21 hours ago

Android is the favorite platform of app developers


It's not easy to make it as an app developer. That's the key takeaway from the latest State of the Developer Nation report from Vision Mobile, pulling together data from more than 10,000 mobile developers (including some of you) across 137 countries. With that many developers they were able to get a broad view of what's popular and (more importantly) what's successful in making great apps.

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23 hours ago

Android Central University: QR Codes for fun and profit


Our planet is covered in tiny squares filled with a curious arrangement of shapes that mean absolutely nothing to the naked eye. They are on posters, billboards, business cards, cereal boxes, and so much more. For the most part we ignore them, because there's no reason to interact with these little squares unless specifically told to. They are called QR Codes, and once you figure out how to fit them into your life they can become an incredibly useful tool.

QR Codes are not a new technology, in fact they have been around since 1994 and were originally used to track components during vehicle assembly. Today you can find tiny QR Codes on components for tons of different things, as many companies still use this tracking method during assembly. For those of us who aren't building a car, these little squares are used mostly for presenting links to websites and apps in a way that doesn't require manual input.

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1 day ago

Groove smartwatch-fitness tracker with Android app seeks Indiegogo funding


Groove is a new fitness-tracking smartwatch, curently seeking $200,000 of funding via Indigogo, that focuses on helping you find the balance necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Groove, which will also have a companion Android app, can calibrate to your personal fitness level, and track how your daily activity contributes towards your overall fitness.

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1 day ago

Google lets you easily create reminders via the search box


Google Now's reminder feature is nifty if you're looking to create quick alerts for events, and with the latest update, Google is making it easier to create new reminders. You can now create reminders directly from Google Search by entering a query along the lines of "remind me to collect contact lens at 11 am" in the search box.

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2 days ago

Apps of the Week: Leo's Fortune, PassAndroid, Topia and more!

Apps of the Week

There's no better time than a Saturday afternoon to sit down and check out some new apps for your Android, and we hope to kick off that weekend content discovery with our Apps of the Week column. Once a week we round up an app from each of the writers here at Android Central, and get a quick explanation of why they chose that particular app.

This week we're looking at a couple of great game choices, an Android Wear watchface, a Passbook alternative for Android and a few other picks to round out the list. Read along with us this week and see the apps that Android Central is using.

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2 days ago

Monument Valley to get more levels, could double playtime


Monument Valley, the popular and critically acclaimed optical illusion based puzzle game, will be getting some new content in the near future that could double the amount of its current game time.

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3 days ago

Doctor Who Legacy game to get new content thanks to comic books


Doctor Who Legacy, the popular free mobile game based on the even more popular BBC sci-fi TV series, will be getting some new content very soon, thanks to the launch of the two new Doctor Who comic books from Titan Books.

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