13 hours ago

Plex 4.0 brings Android TV support to more users, updated dashboard UI


Streaming media app Plex snagged an update today that brings Android TV support to more users, along with a redesigned dashboard.

The app also now includes some new ways to view your content, Plex Home support for managed users, and the requisite bug fixes.

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18 hours ago

CNBC brings live streaming video to its Android app


In a recent update to its Android app, CNBC has enabled TV Anywhere, allowing users to catch up on the latest financial news from their mobile devices.

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19 hours ago

Using Google Play Books for all of your reading


Reading with Google Play Books isn't just convenient, it's easily one of the best color ebook experiences out there.

Now that the Google Play Store has established itself as a compelling one-stop shop for movies, music, book, and apps, it's easy to find yourself getting all of your entertainment from this one source. More than just offering a compelling retail experience, Google's Play Books service exists as a highly functional ebook reader as well. Google has worked hard to bolt on features wherever appropriate, and as one of the flagship apps for the new Material Design UI scheme it's easy to get sucked into this service as an Android user.

Using Google Play Books doesn't take much in the way of effort, but getting to know the features within may not be a priority if you're already embedded in another platform. With that in mind, here's a quick tour through what makes this ebook reader stand out.

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20 hours ago

App developers can now slam on the brakes should a staged rollout go bad


Here's a small but extremely important little feature that's been added for developers in Google Play. Should a bug be found in the middle of a staged rollout, you can immediately halt said staged rollout to keep the bad code from hitting any additional devices while you work things out.

In other words, an emergency brake. It won't roll things back for those who have already received the update, but it'll keep anyone else from downloading it.

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20 hours ago

Don't be left out ... Nuzzel will show you the articles your friends are sharing


Finding the articles that your friends have been sharing is now as simple as opening an app, thanks to Nuzzel.

Nuzzel for Android makes it quick and easy to see what your friends are reading and talking about on social networks. After having great success with their iOS app, Nuzzel is now available on Android. Nuzzel is a simple way to see news that your friends are sharing to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, without having to open those apps.

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23 hours ago

Amazon Cloud Drive users can now buy access to unlimited storage


Amazon is allowing people who sign up for its Amazon Cloud Drive service the option to pay for an unlimited amount of storage for photos, videos and other files.

Amazon has two subscription options for this new service. One offers an unlimited amount of space for photos, with 5GB of extra space for videos and other files, for $11.99 per year. The other option gives users an unlimited amount of storage for any kind of file for $59.99 per year.

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1 day ago

A quick look at ebook stores for Android

ebooks for everyone

Choosing an ebook retailer can be as simple as choosing what is right in front of you or checking the prices and content selection across the ecosystem. It's up to you.

One of the amazing things about ebooks right now is the wealth of options available to users. Massive ebook libraries now exist from multiple sources, and these books range wildly from top-shelf best sellers to indie short stories written by folks in their free time. Impressively, each of these digital bookstores offer something significant that separates them from one another in a way that makes it so none of these services are going anywhere anytime soon.

If you've already settled into a preferred ebook retailer, you may be missing out on the features that make the competition special. With that in mind, lets take a quick look at the more popular apps in this space and see what service works best for you.

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1 day ago

Google Keep gets labels for easy organizing and recurring reminders


One of our favorite Gmail features — labels — has at long last arrived for Google Keep.

The addition of labels means that you can now tack any number of labels you want onto a task in Google Keep, grouping tasks by whatever grouping you desire. Priority tasks, project tasks, daily to-dos, the honey do list, and so forth.

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1 day ago

We have your first look at Tivo's massive, amazing Android update

Tivo for Android

The folks at Tivo are making software a priority, which is great for everyone.

As a longtime Tivo user, the experience had with the Android app to date has been just shy of absolutely miserable. The first release was little more than an iOS port that didn't scale correctly when using larger screens or devices with higher than what was considered normal resolutions at the time, and when the app did finally improve enough that it was usable on all devices the UI was outdated and sluggish. It didn't matter what device you used the Tivo app on, scrolling through the Guide with a finger flick was inviting pain.

That was then. This is now. This is the new Tivo for Android.

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1 day ago

Messenger Platform lets developers hook their apps into Facebook Messenger


Facebook has announced Messenger Platform for developers at their F8 developers conference. The platform allows developers to tie their apps into Facebook Messenger.

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1 day ago

Facebook wants to dramatically simplify the process of sharing to Facebook


At today's Facebook F8 developers conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled that they're working to make sharing to their network simpler and better.

The new "share sheets" that Facebook is working on will unify sharing across the primary Facebook apps, including Facebook Groups and Messenger. The idea is to bring "the best sharing experience" to all of Facebook's apps instead of having multiple experiences to deal with varying experiences.

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1 day ago

UltraTuner brings precision musical tuning to your Android phone


The popular UltraTune app has arrived for Android, bringing ultra-precise musical tuning right to your phone.

UltraTune will allow precision tuning for your musical instruments right from your Android device. After having some great success with it's app on iOS, IK Multimedia is now bringing easy tuning to Android device. Knowing that accuracy is the most important part of tuning, UltraTuner boasts that they are able to deliver accuracy of +/- 1/100 of a cent, which is 10 times more accurate than a conventional mechanical strobe tuner.

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2 days ago

Google's reportedly working on a way to pay bills from inside Gmail


Google may be working on a new service, code-named "Pony Express", that could allow Gmail users in the future to both receive and pay online bills directly from the email service.

The report comes from leaked documents that were first reported by Re/code. They show how Gmail "Pony Express" users will first have to provide personal information to a third party that then confirms their identity.

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2 days ago

The joys of reading on Android

books on Android

Smartphones and tablets have become the default browsing and quick-read device for many people, but diving into entire books is often another matter entirely.

Much in the same way the best camera is the one you have with you at all times, if you're a constant reader the thing you're most likely to do all of your reading on is whatever you have with you at all times. This isn't universally true, which is why Kindles are still crazy popular and bookstores still exist, but it's quite common to find someone on their lunch break at work or in a car waiting to pick up kids reading entire books on a smartphone. It shouldn't be too surprising nowadays, especially with the incredibly high resolution displays and wealth of bookstores and reading apps in the Google Play Store today.

In fact, with so many options out there it may not be all that easy to choose a service that best suits your needs, let alone even be aware of what options are out there for you to take advantage of. With that in mind, we're going to take a look at all of the reading options for Android and take a quick tour through the features that make these apps and services special.

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2 days ago

Action Launcher's massive update adds awesome new live wallpaper API


Action Launcher has been updated to version 3.3, bringing new features and tons of fixes along with it.

The extremely popular launcher replacement, Action Launcher, has received an update that brings along new features while fixing some existing bugs. One of the big new features here is shortcut and gesture support. Gestures can be set for various taps on the home button or an empty space on the screen, along with vertical and horizontal swipe configurations as well. With this you can set it so you can triple tap your home button to bring up the camera, or swipe up to access Google Search.

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