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Get a quick introduction to Google's note, list and voice memo app

Google Keep has been available for some time now, and is even a default app on new devices since its introduction. Even so, not many of us take advantage of its potential as a note, list, voice memo and general brain dump kind of app. Taking to our "Ambassador Guides, Tips and How-To's" forum, forums ambassador Golfdriver97 has written up a nice introduction to the service.

With step-by-step picture tutorials, you can get a quick introduction to the basic features of Keep that could get you to start considering this service. Take a look at the forums post at the link below.

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Check out this Google Keep how-to in the forums

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Me, too. Evernote is a lot more powerful, but it includes a lot of features that I don't really need or want. Keep is nice and simple, and the system-level integration is really handy.

I use Keep all the time for my business and personal life. It's very helpful and love how I can put it into one device and automatically syncs to another.

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Hey I have a Nexus 4 and just noticed the AOSP browser is there. Without warning or anything. Anyone else notice this? Thought they removed it way back when.

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The price of tea has really gone up lately, anyone else notice?

What do you mean, try and keep your comments on topic? I thought this was about things I dislike. Nexus 4, rising tea prices...

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If there was only a place to go where you could ask questions about certain devices and other things, a forum or something where people exchange information. It would be better than AN ARTICLE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR QUESTIONS.

You might get more help there...

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The sarcastic response was VERY necessary, thanks a lot oh wise king of the AC comment section. Wasn't aware my comment prevented you from enjoying the article.

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Meh I could been worse. Mostly bored.

I apologize oh kind sir for my inexcusable behavior. I will run out and trade my note 3 for a Nexus 4 so that i can look up your answer

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I never thought about syncing keep with my wife's phone to have to do list and grocery list synced with each other... Very good idea!! Thanks for the tip...
Is there a way to sync only 1 note/list?

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Nice little guide. I Keep meaning to Keep using Keep ... I do use it to store misc. information and to save things now and then, but it's not really something I go to all the time.

There are 3 minor features which I'd love to see happen 1) Allow me to "pin" notes to the top (i.e. I'd use this as my ToDo list if I could keep it up top) 2) 2-column option for the widget and option for individual notes/list in a customizable widget and 3) Text size/style choices.

Love Keep! Since its introduction I have pretty much given up on Evernote.

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