Tap. Tap. Sync. It's that simple to get your browser bookmarks from Chrome to Android, thanks to ChromeMarks. It's really that easy. OK, it takes a couple more taps the first time around, giving your phone permission to sync with your Google account. But it's just about the easiest way we've found to get your bookmarks from your browser to your phone. And it even follows my crazy folder scheme, which helps keep my head in order. We've got a few more screen shots after the break, plus download links. It'll be the best $2.37 you spend today.




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Android Quick App: ChromeMarks browser bookmark sync


Since I still use Xmarks to sync my chrome bookmarks with the ones in FireFox (on all my computers), I guess this would then catch any changes I made to FF via Chrome.

This may be cool to use, it would almost be like having Xmarks on the phone! I purchased the actual Xmarks app for my phone but it never worked!!

The public outcry at Xmarks going away has given them a new lease on life. According to their blog they have multiple offers from other companies to buy out the service and continue it.

Chrome to Phone only shares the URL of a site by sending it to your phone. I don't believe it syncs your bookmarks.

Does anybody know of a similar syncing app for Firefox? I currently use Xmarks to sync my bookmarks between computers but it doesn't offer a way to sync them to my phone. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Yeah but the Firefox mobile beta hasn't really impressed me. I'm hoping for a way to sync Firefox to Dolphin HD at least until Firefox mobile is worth using.

Know if it syncs the bookmarks for use on Dolphin? I never use the default browser.

And +1 on the sync of bookmarks you might add on the device - do they sync back to the desktop?

yes it syncs both ways. it works with whatever you set your default browser to. click on this app and you see all of your bookmarks. hit the bookmark and it opens your default browser to that bookmark. i long press home click on ChromeMarks again and can easily bounce to all of my bookmarks. it's so fast and easy!

please keep in mind that the bookmarks do not import to the Android Browser, they are in a separate app, but it is still very easy to bounce in and out.

buy it and try it for a few hours. i think you'll love it. if not, simply get a refund. i don't buy a lot of apps but this one is in my top five!

(sorry i had to break my post into 3 - damn spam filter!)

Heck with that. I wish the folks at XMarks would get off their *** and get a client for Android. I have bookmarks syncing between 3 browsers and 3 systems...desktop, laptop, netbook. I want to add my phone to that list, but nooo. they had to go and create a God Phone client first.

I love this app! one of may favorites! it is so awesome to be able to have all of your PC Chrome bookmarks on your Android phone and be able to automagically keep them in sync over the "cloud". complaining about the price? it's only about the cost of a soda and candy bar! come on!

Google has bookmarks syncing across all chrome platforms now, so I'm with hypergraffic.

With that Gingerbread statue parked on the lawn in Mountain View, I see no need to rush out and buy what will clearly be obsolete IF google upgrades the browser.

It's unclear if google will bring in this syncing on Android as the Chrome sync process is quite heavy and not built for mobile.

It's more likely that google may introduce a "lite" sync for Android Bookmarks (read: few, not many, bookmarks) that will be separate from your pc bookmarks.

Two problems:

1) It is only syncing some of my folders, the others are empty.

2) I keep getting "No network connection found" when I press sync. It is set to use 3G, not just Wi-Fi, I doubled checked and the internet is working in the phone.

I did get it to work after a reset to default but then it did it again, 3 times.

I think I am un-installing this, it did indeed look great!

An update in more detail on the forum. But (1) is reported to be a problem with the user's Chrome browser not sending all it's bookmarks to the cloud. (2) has never been reported by anyone else before, but if anyone can get me a log, I'll be happy to try and fix it!

Hi guys - please pop over to the forum where there is a thread with more details on some of these questions, answered by the dev (me!) himself.