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Android Quick App: Bing



Bing does NOTHING better than Google, so why have it on my device taking up space?? Just because Microsoft decided to launch a third rate search engine does not mean we need to be lemmings and actually use it. Google is the gold standard for searching and that's just the way it is.

Bing maps are in no way "just fine". Maybe if you live in a heavy urban area, but not in America.

Map Restaurant listings have about 1/4 ad many hits

The search enging is no where near as complete, indexing of pages is often later than Google by DAYS.

This is a good app. I think the "MS haters" aren't going to like any MS product.
I do think that Google is better, but that doesn't take away from this app.

I don't see what the big deal is and why so many people hate Bing. It works perfectly for me. And seriously, how many people actually spend a ton of time searching for sites on their smartphones? I like and use Google as my default search engine at home/work, but who really cares on your phone? If I need to do an extensive search, I'll do it at home or work on my pc anyways. I'm not going to spend hours searching for websites/information on my smartphone. FWIW, Bing will pull up just as many "top sites" during a search that Google will. I say those of you that are so against it, get over it or root your phone. Real simple.

to say "hate verizon, but don't hate bing" is a STUPID thing to say. how can you hate an entity for employing a product and still use the product. using said product validates the entity's decision. specific. V will continue to do so until the customer stops buying. using bing means you bought the galaxy, means you're okay with V's decision, means you're enabling V, means money in their pocket, means you can can expect more of the same.

I like the app. I hope they release the Bing Navigation so Google has some competition. The Google Nav sometimes sucks. It leads me down some weird streets that no longer in use, and the directions are not always the shortest.

No links to the Market or AppBrain; no QR code; searching doesn't bring up any M$ Bing apps. Awesomely useful post!

I went to the Android market, did a search for Bing, and it was the first thing that popped up.

I search for "bing" or "Bing" and get absolutely nothing from Microsoft. The first screen of hits is:

* bing background & search (99 cent wallpaper pack it appears)
* BingDroid (by someone named Nyo Luyen)
* Instant Search For Bing (by Peerbuilder)
* Dolphin Bing Search (browser add-on)
* $3.99 version of Instant Search
* Bing Daily Wallpaper (99 cents)

On second reading of the article, I see the problem is that I've got an EVO and this is another Verizon-exclusive "feature." Whatever.

There is no comparison when you need up to date traffic information. Bing destroys google every time. I have this on my EVO for that reason only. Yes you can install this on non-verizon phones.

odd, what phone are you on? I tried searching for Bing, there's nothing from Microsoft in my results

In my experience, the biggest advantage i noticed was better maps. When traveling down major highways/freeways/surface streets it's pretty much a wash in my experience, although i'd still give the nod to Bing for more accurate maps, especially considering how it had me cutting through neighborhoods to avoid traffic at times. In a previous job, i had to visit various homes in very rural locations and Bing beat Google hands down, much to my surprise. Bing navigation got me to try all of Bing's services, and habit's about the only thing that keeps me using Google for search now.

i'm speaking of the Windows Mobile version of Bing but i'm sure it's using the same maps. i've only toyed with the Bing app for Android at a Verizon store so i can't really make a final judgement on it, but i have to say that everyone blindly hating on it should give it an honest chance once it's available more widely. Having it as the default search on a Google phone is odd in a sense, but hey, isn't openness one of the tenets of Android?

I hate how anybody that thinks Bing is a decent app gets a low rank.
Blind fanboyism at it's worst.
Anyway, Bing destroys Google when it comes to traffic. It's been that way for years. I previously had a BB Curve, and I used MS Live Maps and they used the same traffic service as Bing does.
Google Maps traffic is almost as bad as Google Weather.
Do I need to remind you guys how bad Google Weather is at updating?

Agreed on the first thing. Don't use traffic so would not know the second. Now with googles instant search it is much better on the pc. As for the phone its pretty even people favor google because they are running google phones on a google forum. Still an unbiased review would be nice. Don't forget google was for net neutrality in the past then earlier this year changed its mind and proposed framework that would exclude wireless carriers (verizon mainly) and other rules that would benifit google.

I played with the fascinate at a verizon store and was impressed with bing maps and almost everything else bing - however, I think google maps, search and voice should also be standard on the phone, and then let people choose whichever they want to use.

I love Microsoft. But I **HATE*** Bing. I hate it so hurts. I want it to die a slow painful lingering death.

Think did you first come to use your current search engine? I started using Google because it was awesome...NOT because it was pre-installed on some device I use all the time thus FORCING me to use it. I used it because of its own merits, not because it was my only choice.

Gee, I wonder why Bing is not following a similar model. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that everyone and their brother agrees that it sucks donkey balls. Does anyone remember this much hate for Google or even Yahoo? Making an unappealing product "exclusive" and imposing it on unwilling owners of the product is not a great way to get people to want to use it.

(Why does Android Central go so far out of its way to prmote Bing anyway? I dont think I have met a single person in real life that actually likes Bing...everyone is either indifferent or finds it irritating).

I don't understand how you could say Microsoft is not at fault. Its their marketing strategy that rather than making a product that people will use on its own merits, they use their financial buying power to purchase exclusivity deals that shut out competition.

That's not to say that Verizon isn't even MORE at fault, for using Google's openness against them; especially since Android's openness is one of the main reason it is winning people over from the iPhone.

If VZW would realize that there's much more money to be had from iPhone switchers than exclusivity deals, it will be better for us all.