AxDroid - Android on Dell Axim x51v from Ertan D. on Vimeo.

Just because you CAN run Android on a Dell Axim x51v, should you? Although it doesn't seem to make much sense to run Android on an antiquity like this Dell Axim PDA, I can't help but admire Ertan D. for his creativity and know-how.

There are a few hiccups with this marriage of cutting-edge Android OS and elderly PDA hardware. Wi-Fi and Power Management are not fully cooperating. However, the touchscreen and D-Pad are performing normally. If anything, the fact that Ertan D. could successfully retrofit Android to an old device like the Axim x51v further illustrates the promise of the Android OS on a potentially limitless list of devices. Android on a Palm Vx, anyone?



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Android Limping on a Dell Axim x51v PDA


Hey now! The AXIM x51v has a processor, VGA screen, and graphics chipset that rivals and even surpasses devices coming out today! ROM development is still strong for this device, because they got a lot of things right when most people had never even heard of a difference between QVGA and VGA. I hope to see this project REALLY take off, and perhaps even trickle down the the x51 Mid and Low!
Just my two cents

Axim x51V is still only surpassed by the ipod touch. Nothing else has a 624mhz processor, 3700g graphics accelerator with 16mb memory, and 64Mb RAM. For the same price (axim plus decent CF or SD card), the Axim has better (any is better than ipod/phone) upgradeability because of its expansion space, a replaceable battery, higher screen resolution (480 x 640 vs 480 x 320), a more accurate touchscreen (1mm diameter stylus vs. 1/2 inch by 1 inch thumb), and you know it's yours (as in, download whatever junk you want onto it. Ipod doesn't even have a file explorer). So there.

Also, the Axim series of PDA's was actually manufactured for Dell by HTC, the same company that now makes the Google Android phones for T-Mobile, so it is really a not so distant cousin.....

You know, the Axim is amazing. I agree that it will beat the Ipod touch anyday, and for all the same reasons. Go Microsoft!