One of the best apps for the iPhone is Apple's iTunes Remote--it's a combination of usefulness, slick execution, and a 'it just works' feeling. So on Android, with its Android Market and loads of developers, would we have something similar? The answer is YES. Jeff Sharkley reversed engineered Apple's Remote App and developed the app for Android. Yeah, it looks and works wonderfully and yeah, this is on the Must Download List before Android even launches. Click the read link for a video tutorial.

[Jeff Sharkley via Gizmodo]


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Android to Have iTunes Remote App


The thing was no good. Does not do anything but play, advance, reverse and pause. Can't control volume, cannot even find what song I wanted. I had to get up and switch playlists, just so I could push play from the phone.... Kind of pointless and a waste of time. I miss Salling Clicker. That was a great app on my E71 before I got the HTC Dream. Hope it comes out for Android soon. I NEVER write reviews, but this app really ticked me off and I was so displeased I just HAD to share my frustration.