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If you’re a fan of the show Dexter on Showtime, then you’ll want to check out the official Android app. Showtime is doing some cool things with complimentary apps for its shows, including the popular series Weeds and the aforementioned Dexter.

When you open the app, you’ll be presented with the home screen, which displays four tabs up top as well as six main features rotating on the main screen. These include guest stars for the upcoming season, behind the scenes looks, a glance at the widget and even an opportunity to watch the season premiere on your device. The four tabs that can be found up top are: Home, The Show, Videos and Photobooth.

  • Home: includes all of the options listed above
  • The Show: this tab contains 5 subtabs called About, Episodes, Airtimes, Cast, and Extras. About provides a premise for the show including the new season. Episodes allows you to sort through past shows, read recaps and watch video clips. Airtime lists all of the upcoming Dexter episodes available on various networks.  Cast provides bios and pictures of the main cast members and Extras includes wallpapers and the official Twitter account for the show
  • Videos: The Videos tab includes a full episode available for free as well as behind the scenes clips for the fans that love extras
  • Photobooth: Photobooth allows you to to put a picture of yourself inside a theme based on Dexter. Themes include Dark Angel, Kill Wall, Kill Suit, Miami Badge and Suspect File

Dexter is a fantastic app for anyone who is a fan of the popular Showtime series. It is a perfect compliment to the TV show. It's a free app available from the Android Market, we've got links after the break.

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Reader comments

Android App Review: Dexter


So I guess we are going to eventually have an app for every channel or now I guess every show. Sure nice app, but this is not they way I would like to see this industry go.

I see why the netflix model of corralling my TV/movies under one roof will fail because all the content creators are deadly afraid of ... i dont know ... people seeing their shows.

And to think I was afraid of every channel having an app. How silly of me. I should be worrying about every *show* getting an app instead!

Definitely checking this one out. Love the series and have watched it since it's inception. Hell, I even use the opening theme music as my main ringtone.

I think it's great that they're giving popular shows their own apps. I myself love Dexter and I like that they released an app for the show. Now, if there was an app for HOUSE M.D. ...

if they allowed you to pay to watch new shows, then i'd download it. I'll never pay for cable. I'm not interested in 100 channels, or even the showtime package, just the one damn show. ..and maybe weeds. lol..