Pwn Pad

Security tools company Pwnie Express is making a network hacking-focused device, based on the Nexus 7, called the Pwn Pad. This certainly isn't a tablet meant for the mainstream, but instead is a purpose-built hacking device for users that are interested in tinkering with networks. Unfortunately a completely custom build of software doesn't overcome some limitations of the hardware, and users will have to take advantage of the included OTG cable and wireless adapter on it to support packet injection. The upside is a 10-fold increase in possible Wifi range on the Pwn Pad.

The Pwn Pad is set to debut at the RSA security conference in San Francisco next week, and the price is set at a smooth $795. That's a pretty penny, but this is a full-on custom job with additional hardware attached to it. For those of you without an extra $800 to spend, Pwnie Express is releasing source code for the devices for others to work with on their own.

Source: Wired