Loading screen of DOOM

What you need to know

  • Wizards Unite does not seem to be working properly with Android Q Beta 4.
  • Game can be installed, but will not load past the Google/Facebook login page.
  • The hang is right where the GPS permission popup is, but manually granting permissions does not fix the problem.

Wizards Unite is here! A day early! Score!! I rushed to download the game on my Google Pixel 3a running Android Q Beta 4, and then someone cursed my phone. While you can install Wizards Unite from Google Play on a device running Android Q, on multiple devices we have been unable to get past the Google/Facebook login page, with the app hanging on a dim loading screen seen above (where the GPS permission pop-up comes up on other phones), and then the app turns into a black unresponsive screen.

Efforts to manually grant permissions, uninstall/reinstall the app, and reboot have all failed to force the app through to the tutorial, but if we find a way to fix it, we will let you know.

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