Announced on Sept. 29, 2015, the Pixel C is a next-gen tablet that's 100 percent Google — following in the line of high-end Chromebooks. The Pixel C is a 10.2-inch tablet has a resolution of 2560x1800 and is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, powered by the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor and 3GB of RAM.

A $149 keyboard is available and attaches directly to the tablet, charging itself in the process when closed. Even without charging, Google says the keyboard can last for months at a time. The Pixel C software will also be updated by Google every six weeks, making sure things are always up to date.

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Pixel C Hardware Specifications:

  • Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Display: 10.2 inches (2560x1800) at 308 ppm, 500 nits bright, sRGB color gamut
  • Processor: NVIDIA Tegra X1 with Maxwell GPU
  • Internal Storage: 32GB or 64GB

As a tablet and only a tablet, the Pixel C isn't bad at all. In fact, it's good. Very good. It's a little big and maybe not as friendly to hold as other offerings, but then again we've said that about other tablet lines as they've increased in size. And there's no denying the gorgeous display, Nexus-like software experience (warts and all) and the speedier charging.

But for as good as the optional keyboards are physically, the actual experience of using a keyboard with Android hasn't really improved any. Some of that has to do with the Android operating system itself. But mostly it has to do with too many applications not being properly coded to run the landscape orientation — to say nothing of them being properly designed for it.

The Pixel C is available starting at $499 for the 32GB model or $599 for 64GB. The keyboard must be purchased separately for an additional $149.

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