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Comments from your circles are surfaced; better moderation tools for video producers

If you've spent any amount of time on Youtube you know the comments aren't always the highest of quality, and Google is hoping to mitigate that issue by transitioning Youtube comments to be powered by Google+. Starting this week with the channel discussion tab and coming to all videos later this year, all comments on Youtube will be transitioned to Google+ discussions.

Moving to Google+ comments not only pushes towards a "real name" policy on Youtube, but also gives Google the opportunity to better sort and feature the comments and discussions that are most relevant to you. Comments that you care about most — from people you know, follow or are engaged in discussion with — will be shown at the top of the list.

It also means that you can create discussions around a video that show up in the comments, but only for you and a limited set of your friends. You can restrict comment threads to a single person or a tight group of people in a circle or two if you don't want to publicly comment on a video. Tools for content producers will also be improved, with better ways to moderate comments before and after they are posted.

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Youtube comments to be powered by Google+ going forward, curated and sorted for you


After seeing some of the vile comments on YouTube, I can understand their rationale, but it also feels like a loss of privacy.

I personally do not join Google+, and after Google force registration of Google+ to review apps I no longer write apps reviews. Now this step by Google will help with my blood pressure so I don't have to bother with inane YouTube comments as well, however, I understand Google effort.

You did join Google+, you just refuse to admit it. It happened automatically because all users of Google's services (including Android) are now Google+ users. Quit your whining - we won't tell your friends and destroy your hipster cred.

I have to disagree. I just checked my Google's Dashboard and nowhere it said I joined Google+. I tried going to Google Plus site but it asked me to create an account.

The point is that since you have a Google account, getting access to Plus is a breeze. It's also not all doom and gloom as you say.

Nobody said it was hard. They said it was unwanted.

Have you learned nothing from the Facebook Fiasco?

Then why do I get asked to join Google+ whenever I activate an Android device? That would be rather redundant if I was already opted in to it.

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I fully agree with you. It is unfortunate that some people behave immaturely online with comments BUT losing privacy is not a fix in my opinion. I have not reviewed an app on Google Play since they adopted this strategy and will not use the YouTube comments system once they push it there.

If and when they force a universal "real names" policy to YouTube profiles I'll resort to guest only viewing. This is one of the many reasons I hate and don't use Facebook, I don't want everything I look at, speak about and comment on being tagged and release to any and everyone that knows me.

...I don't want everything I look at, speak about and comment on being tagged and release to any and everyone that knows me

Do you even get *that* much privacy? Or is your real name displayed to anybody reading your comments whether they know you or not. This is the first place where even I agree Google is spilling over into 'evil'. Yeah, they what to assert some sanity to online comments. That part's worthy. But it also looks like they're trying to seed Google+ with lots of info people are posting in places other than Google+ itself. That's exactly what I hate about Facebook, and why I *never* use my Facebook account to 'like' something outside of Facebook itself. YouTube and Google Play are NOT Google+, and If I wanted to post my opinions on G+ from there and they gave me a way to do it, fine. But as it is, posting to G+ is manditory. That sucks.

Opt out. Do like a lot of social network luddites do; refuse to participate and brag about your accomplishment on an Internet message board.

You people are truly laughable... get over yourselves... not many people, if any at all, give a rat's ass what you watch on YouTube, what you comment on, or what your name is... you're not that important. I mean really, what's that info gonna do anyway, you paranoid idiots? My name is Nick Rotondo... you people realize how many people named Nick Rotondo are in the world?! What the hell is anyone gonna do with this information? Stop being so damn paranoid... get used to it too, because you're in an ever increasingly technological world. This isn't going to change. However, if you're that ridiculous, just opt out and move on with your lives..... ridiculous comments I'm reading here, considering what the government already knows about each and every one of us. Privacy- HA! There is no such thing these days... just deal with it.

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No need to be that aggressive... And I strongly disagree with you. It's not only your name that is disclosed. I don't want that all my Facebook friends see what I write, commenting a video or maybe in the future in a forum...

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He's not being aggressive. It's laughable, the absurd conclusions that people seem to deduce concerning privacy.

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Actually if people still want to leave negative comments without ridicule they can just create a gmail and fake profile in like 2 minutes and continue on their way.

I don't see the point of this, I prefer my user name over my real name just for privacy. I don't like Google trying to link my real name to all my accounts, just makes you more exposed to identity theft or some type of hacking.

I had a hacking issue with my steam account and MS email account a couple years back in the past but luckily the guy couldn't see my real name or personal information because It wasn't in my email account unlike Google.

I agree with how having multiple accounts linked with a single identity is dangerous. It would make it easy for anyone with interest to steal anything related to it.

Multiple usernames/email accounts help prevent from losing my whole Internet presence in case one or two accounts get hijacked. It isn't about the "government", it is that hacker that wants screw others that worry me.

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How is it a loss of privacy? It's the same as asking people to take of their ski-masks when they enter a bank; you don't have to go into the bank, but when you do you are to be pre-identified for any trouble you may cause. The same ideal is being applied here.

There shouldn't be a level of privacy that allows a person to act like a d*ck... being a man means taking responsibility for your actions and thoughts. The internet is full of kids who like to spew hate and then run and hide behind anonymity. It's pathetic.

When people behave, they get freedom; when they misbehave, they get locked down- sent to jail- restricted. This isn't anything new. If the comments here got as bad as they were on YouTube, I'd expect the same restrictions to be applied.

You are exactly right. People have the misguided notion that the Internet should forever be a lawless, anarchic, and anonymous vehicle for people to behave badly without consequences. They are spoiled brats.

But exposing your names and linked to your accounts opens you up and exposes you to others who may have malicious intents like trying to hack you or steal you identity and more. Without your real name no one knows if that's you or not. My Steam account was hacked once and the person tried to reset my MS email account several times from my steam account but all my passwords are different and long for every account. Luckily my MS account had no personal info had the person got in but my emails did.

You'd be surprised how adapted hackers are by linking your name to everything in your digital foot print to try and take over your accounts.

Because it takes a casual comment you're making in one place and posts it somewhere else where you didn't intent to post it. And that somewhere else will continue to contain your inane comment forever - as opposed to some site like this one, where you'd have to go digging to encounter it.

Yes, anonymity causes problems on the internet. But that doesn't mean everything you say or do on the internet should be gathered into one simple location for easy, permanent perusal. That's gonna kill the Internet faster than any government crackdown could.

Thank goodness you can opt out of it. I suggest you do since it obviously causes you such anxiety.

By the way, the last sentence translated into YouTube comment speak would be something like, "U mad bro? Y so butthurt?"

Don't make shitty comments. Problem solved. The only people upset about this are the trolls and bigots who won't be able to hide behind anonymity anymore.

"Privacy" wa, wa, cry, cry. I swear, people are soooo weird about privacy. It's a comment on YouTube people, not your ss# or street address, calm down, everything will be ohhhhkay!

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True, but when you make a comment on YouTube, do you really want to have to think whether you want your friends reading it? This shit shows up in their scrolls, and they're going to think you're a twit with no life if you post a lot. I'd rather forgo the posting. And drop friends that foist too many of their inanities on me. In other words, this shit makes the Internet a lot less appealing. It's as bad for the internet as the ugliness that gets posted anonymously.

Take this. I wouldn't have posted it if it were gonna show up on G+ or Facebook. It's not that I'm ashamed of anything I've said. I just don't want to subject ALL of my friends to reading it. They're not all interested in the same things I am.

There are plenty of existing venues where you will be able to be depraved, comment in a depraved fashion and nobody need know. It just won't be YouTube. They are trying to class up the joint and as the actual owners of the service they are completely within their rights. You are free to not participate at all. You won't be missed.

This is exactly how I feel and exactly what the problem is. I've never commented on Youtube so this doesn't personally affect me but it IS an issue to have your real name associated with everything you participate in on the internet. That doesn't mean people should get a free pass to behave badly just because they are anonymous. I fully support a method to curtail some of this. But I still want a measure of privacy when I'm posting. I wouldn't for example want everyone who knows me to know how much interest I have in Android news. But that doesn't mean I want to troll all the Android forums and yell at everyone. It just means I'd like to be able to post here and elsewhere without broadcasting my personal interests and feelings to anyone who wants to google my name.

I don't understand why this is so hard for people to grasp or how it makes me a paranoid privacy freak.

You're trying to hide from your friends the fact that you are an Android nerd? Dude, surely they already know.

Do many of you even know how posting on G+ works? From the get-go, whenever you posted or made comments about something, you were given a choice as to which circles of yours (which you set up yourself) were able to see the posts/comments. Facebook has recently tried to change to be like this (2 years after G+ launched) but in my opinion failed. So I honestly don't understand why everyone is so up in arms about loss of privacy. If anything, this gives us more privacy.

Now I know that your name is Jay Holm. I Aldo have your pic. Prepare to die. You are NOT safe.

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Remember that next time you apply for a job and get turned down because they didn't agree with what you posted on YouTube. Or fired from a current job.


Young people think its all fun and games. Till they can't get a job.

Employers may check your references, but they will also check you on the web.
There are companies that do nothing but this kind of work.

Remember that "permanent record" your grade school used to threaten you with?
Its here.

All you have to do is set your profile to private, and a perspective employer won't see anything. I don't list what kind of job, or the company I work for on Facebook, that's just a stupid thing to do.

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Time to close my google+ account. I might even close my YouTube account. Eventually many will close their gmail accounts.

After seeing the vile loss of privacy G+ requires, I see why people don't use it.

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This sounds like it's potentially awesome, and either way I'm excited for what it means in added functionality, even if I have to give up some of the entertainment of reading comment trolls.

This is a bfd and another push to get us all onto Google+, but the lack of privacy is concerning. I understand there will be toggles for us to decide who sees what, but again, I don't think this is the best option for my YouTube commenting needs.

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I don't have a Google+ profile and my Youtube account is separate, this is just a slap in the face. No thanks.

Guess I may just as well make a fake profile on Google+.

Don't see any issues with privacy.. if you got something bad or good to say you should say it as yourself other than keeping it behind a mask..this should keep trolls to a minimum and all those sexist comments etc too. If your a prick or a racist etc and are going to say stupid crap than do it without hiding. Am sure there are people who just don't want to share who they are but I think majority of people who comment and say negative stuff only because they know no one knows who they are but maybe now that you can't hide behind a tag name these people who only say bad things and essentially cowards will think twice before saying something. You either say something and let people know that's your opinion instead of hiding Behind a computer imo..

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It'll likely fall into gov't hands like Facebook did.

I just don't like my name getting spread out there, I already had enough phone calls from telemarketers until I killed my landline.

There are still a few places on the net with my name published since I was a support dev for NetBSD throughout the 1990's and was a contributor to OpenBSD's infamous ipf.

Then government will kill us all. Government =bad! Didn't you know? Also, police is bad.

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Then move into the mountains, get rid of all your electronics and live off the land if you're that concerned. Maybe you can rent Ted Kazynski's cabin.

It's not *what* you say, it's *who* you choose to say it too. When I post to G+ or Facebook, I am specifically saying something to a select group of people that I think might be interested in what I have to say.

When I post a comment on YouTube, I'm posting it to total strangers. Fair enough. I want *them* to read it. They've also expressed interest in the same video. I don't want my G+ friends to *have* to read my opinion on some video that they have no interest in. Maybe the YouTube public postings don't work like that, but on Facebook you constantly get 'so and so likes this ad'. Or 'so and so played jackpot poker'. Sorry if I don't want to inflict that on my friends.

Which part of the article indicated your friends *have* to read anything? It's a publisher/subscriber model. I follow a few celebrities on Google+, including the AC crowd. I get all of their posts. I don't have to get those posts. I chose to put them in a circle. The same goes with your friends. If you are droll they can simply choose not to follow your comments.

I'm actually not upset by this. And here's why: pepper will actually have to decide when to open their mouths on the internet. We've created an environment of anonymity that has allowed us to be horrible people. On to of that, it is eroding our ability so confront each other and other's ideas with constructive criticism.

To all of the people saying "well, now I won't comment anymore", I have to ask, what was it you were saying before that was so bad that people would think less of you, or what were you watching that was so disturbing that your supportive comments about it would have societal repercussions?

I promise this to mankind: the world will be just fine with fewer internet comments.

Now... show us your t*****s!!!

Minus all of the typos, LOL... I was viewing on my phone and swype couldn't keep up with my disappointment with humanity.

Give us a like/love/recommend/thumbs up/arrow facing up/smiley/+/+1 button.

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Doesn't prevent me from using a throw away email address and fake name. Not sure how this really helps keep troll comments away. It does pad google+ numbers though which I am sure google sells to advertisers. Google has such horrible customer service. It is only a matter of time before they fall.

It does add one barrier.

And... No. I don't think that this is any indication that they will fall soon. Google is one of these companies that are here to stay.

Yeah, that Google customer service sure sucks... Wait, how much do you actually pay for the full suite of Google services? Last I looked my bill was $8/month for unlimited music streaming of a huge catalog, storage of my personal music, document creation/editing software, document storage, photo storage, video storage, huge catalogs of public videos, email, chat, turn by turn directions, mapping software, a free mobile OS with millions of free games and apps, a free browser with tons of free apps/games, social media platform...

Am I missing anything?

google is determined to force me to create a google+ account. they've threatened to delete my youtube channel if i did not create a google+ account - i declined and they deleted it. they told me the nickname i used for youtube since forever was now unacceptable since i had to use my real name and link it to google+. not going to happen. now i won't be able to comment either? fine. it won't be long until a similar service surfaces on the web. hopefully apple's.

Really? Apple? Really? Maybe you should be able to keep your fake name to hide behind.

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Maybe you should change your fake name to Trolleas. Meanwhile, my real name? Scott J. Weird how that works.

Damn, so what? You are in the minority of stubborn people who choose to go against common sense.

Yeah, keep hiding behind your "privacy" masks which renders as if you had a pair of balls.

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I think this is a good idea. Will it solve all the comment trolls? No. But I believe it will surely help.

As far as privacy, at most you have to give them for Google+ is your name. You have to give a lot more info to online companies such as Amazon, ebay, and your ISP in order to use their services.

You don't even have to give a full name, according to their policy either first or last name can be an initial:

"You must provide a two-part name. It’s acceptable for one of these to be an initial, but not both. For example, “Jane Smith,” “Jane S.,” and “J. Smith” are allowed, but “J. S.” isn’t."

I really don't like being forced to use Google+ with my full name like I had to to review apps.

I also hate being pushed on Youtube to use my Gmail username instead of the seperate Youtube one that I've had for years.

What is wrong with you Google? Seems you like changing things to make people hate you...

Google merged my YouTube with g+ last week. It's a trial and I can opt out but the new page looks pretty slick.

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Nothing to stop anyone from browsing and commenting with a dummy account if remaining anonymous is important. The only thing it will lessen is the amount of attention immature trolls get, which is a good thing.

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I have a G+ account that I don't use! But the fact that popular science just announced that they will turn of comments on their website just made me realize how important the comments are! Comments dilute the effectiveness of their propaganda pieces!

If this development leads to a better comment system on YouTube, and better content of the comments themselves, then I am all for it!

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Meanwhile, in the 20th century people had their name, their real actual name along with their real actual phone number published in a publication called a "phone book". Can you believe it? How did they abide such a violation of privacy? Why couldn't young Charles Lindbergh be listed in the book as JewHater76 as he so often requested? How could a society survive without the glorious Internet anonymity we enjoy today?

Did the phonebook also list a little personal diary of the person that anyone could peruse? No.

You are willfully missing the point. If it doesn't bother you fine but not having your personal business, interests, likes and dislikes broadcast for anyone (an employer, a new acquaintance etc) is a reasonable expectation that shouldn't disappear just because some people behave badly on the internet.

What about someone who wants to comment on socially sensitive topics but isn't ready to for example come out yet to their family and friends. They no longer have the right to post comments on videos that interest them on Youtube?! There are all kinds of situations where you wouldn't want your personal interests broadcast to everyone you know.

The phone book was worse. It had your real name, your phone number and your address! Egads!

Youtube is probably not the avenue for comments that you want hidden from people. You might as well ask why can't you wear a ski mask into a bank. After all, you might mutter something about buying your gay partner a present with the money you are withdrawing and not want anyone to know its you.

Anonymity is not appropriate for all venues.

And for those too young to remember, you had to pay actual money to the phone company to not print your name, number and address in a book it distributed to all of its customers. Yes. Pay real money. Think about that for a moment.

If you lack the fortitude to own up to your own comments then you should keep your effing mouth shut. Sack up and own up.

Since I created my YouTube account pre-Google+, I have a username (instead of it being linked to my G+ account and my full name). So with the new G+ comment system, will it still display my username or my full name?

You have a choice to use an alternative name or your full name, I don't think you can keep using your old username anymore though.

You also have the option to create a G+ page and choose any username, though your old username will remain as the URL

The most dickish drivers on the road are ones with fully tinted windows. Similarly, the most diskish trolls are ones that feel they are anonymous. It's about time someone turned on the light so the cockroaches will scamper back into their crevices, or in the case of YouTube commenters; their mom's basement.

Ehhh.. I'm for anonymity. Although I do find some of the comments on YouTube to be vile, I'm not for losing personal freedoms. No matter the apparatus.

Notice, I use "real name" albeit abbreviated.

Posted via the Android Central App on my Note 2

Posting comments without consequence on Youtube is not a personal freedom. It's a luxury granted by a corporation. That corporation has decided to eliminate that courtesy.

If you want your personal G+ and YouTube separate, you can create a G+ page and use it as a channel.

"Losing personal freedoms." Come on, guys. Make your profiles private and this is no big deal.

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I hear people saying that when I comment then on YouTube, all my friends will see that. How? I don't get that, will a comment be seen in the stream of somebody that circled me? That's not true for Google plus comments why would that be true for YouTube comments?

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Why are so many people complaining???

Just keep all your comments and thoughts very common,
acceptable to the greatest numbers of people,
and politically correct
and you'll have no problems!!!

Don't engage in conversations that probe topics that are considered distasteful!

Keep your conversations to the safe stuff:

"hey, that's a cute kitten!"
"there will never be another Justin Beiber!"... like that

What's wrong with that?

The people that post on my YouTube channel, and me on theirs, don't post racist, immature comments, but we also don't want our real names on YouTube.

My main concern is having built up an identity and 5000+ subscribers who refer to me by my YouTube identity (which is not my AC identity) since 2006, not knowing who I am anymore. I am already having a difficult time in the last few weeks figuring out who these real names are in my feed compared to who I used to know them as. We've been referring to each other's handles in cross-comment posts for years, and this is now a mess.

This might not be as big a problem for accounts created after this is mandatory, but some of us have spent years building up a following, and following others, and to force identity/handle changes after 7+ years is BS.

THIS is the ONLY valid comment criticizing the change that I've seen. Maybe they'll allow you to use a nickname (First "Nickname" Last), and if they don't, heavily suggest it. If enough of the big names on Youtube say something about it, Google 'might' look in to it.

That is a good point! Not sure Google have really thought this through past let's get everyone we can on our social networking site!

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I think the easiest thing would be to let users select a name to "Appear" that when hovered over or clicked on would link to another page/popup where the "real name" appears.

Call it "unmasking". Click on the Screen name Batman to learn the secret identity is Bruce Wayne. This way people can select the name they want to appear but still be accountable for what they say.

Very good solution to alleviate the confusion the name changes has lead to.

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WHY is Google trying to shove a SOCIAL NETWORK down their users throats -_-

Like many above, I stopped writing reviews when they made me activate my google+ account under my gmail account.

I go on the google 'my dashboard' every now and then to check everything that is associated to my gmail and its perfect the way I have everything in private, but this google+ thing has been annoying me for months now.

The fact that people use the Google ecosystem then complain about privacy when it comes to Google+ is hilarious. You've already given up on your privacy. Please. S. I'm not a troll as I'm invested in the Google ecosystem. I'm just a realist.

Well if I squint while doing a handstand I can see how this could stop a few trolls who don't want to set up fake accounts... I have actually tried merging my account with G+ because I was fed up of it popping up asking me to when I was trying to watch a video.
Next thing I knew I suddenly had two YouTube channels, another G+ page and people I was subscribed to would not show up on Android app. Searched help but couldn't find much so deleted this new channel and everything went back to normal...
So not sure what happens now, if my account is not merged then I hope they don't delete it!

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I refuse to participate in a real name policy. That is an absurd invasion of privacy, and does not foster rational or intelligent discussion. I care far more about my privacy than about being shielded from trollish comments.

Trolls, I'll miss you guys.

Getting 100+ thumbs up on a witty/funny comment by strangers, will be no more.

Comment wise, I have nothing to hide. The issue will be when google+ expands more, making it even more unsafe to have so much linked to a single account. One username, One password, should not unlock or lead to everything.

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