White Nexus 4

Update: Google Play support tells us that white Nexus 4 buyers should disregard the "intercepted" message, and that delivery times should be unaffected by the error. We've got the full statement after the break.

Original story: Those of us waiting on our white Nexus 4s to be delivered today apparently are going to have to wait a little longer. On Monday, the UPS shipping status was updated to "The shipper has requested a Delivery Intercept for this package. / Return to sender pending."

And this morning, we're now showing "The Delivery Intercept request for this package was successfully completed. / Shipper requested return of package."

LG announced the white version on May 28, and it went on sale in Google Play in the U.S. a day later. The 16-gigabyte version is currently listed as being out of stock, while the 8GB model is still for sale.

A quick call into the Google Play support line tells us that they're aware of the "intercepted" updates, but we don't have much more to go on than that. We've got e-mails into Google to see what's going on, and when the white Nexus 4 may ship again, or be delivered again, or whatever. Stay tuned.

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Google Play support statement:

A small number of customers were sent a ship confirmation with an incorrect tracking number on 5/31 and 6/3. In these cases the incorrect tracking number may indicate that the package is being returned to sender. 
Please disregard this tracking number. Another ship confirmation with the correct tracking number will be emailed to you within 24 hrs. Please reference the tracking number in the 'Thank You' section of the ship confirmation.
Please rest assured that your package’s arrival date is unaffected by the incorrect tracking number.
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dakid2k6 says:

That sucks. Hope its for the better they did that. wonder what Google will say. Good thing I didn't order yet. I'm still pending buy that or black or just wait for HTC one or s4

Roy G Biv says:

Google will say the same they said when Nexus 4 was out of stock for several months.

mwara244 says:

This almost looks like a mass recall of phones in transit. They will not reissue you a new phone for shipping until they receive your original device that was shipped.

A lot of people said they tracked their phones to the cities they lived in, and then they all have been returned back to the supplier, that seems very odd. Also means everyone will wait twice as long for their device and it has to be accounted for before a new one will be shipped.

mwara244 says:


silentagenda says:

Part of me is now content/happy that I ordered the original Black Nexus 4 on Friday. I'm still bitter about the lack of a free OEM bumper. I'm definitely not going to RMA a perfectly good N4 for a free bumper (especially having had ordered the Poetic bumper that'll come in today too).

judasmachine says:

The Poetic bumper works just fine. I recommend it. Although had your circumstances been different, free is hard to beat.

movielover76 says:

the poetic bumper is cheaply made, it came apart at the seems on me.

moosc says:

I've had my poetic bumper for 4months no issues. Love it

Versed says:

The original release of the Poetic bumpers had problems, the company improved them and replaced customers who had problems.

Cruz3r2 says:

Same here, came apart

Message them if you ordered within a week of the the white coming out to get a free bumper.

taylorsaysso says:

I almost lost my s**t last night when I saw this, but a call to Google Play Support confirmed it was a UPS error, and it appears to be back enroute to me today.

Ledge says:

Intercepted? Why did they hire Mark Sanchez to handle the shipping?

TallyHo says:

Lol....your package has run into the ass of the delivery guy and fallen apart.

Statusnone says:

This is the most amazing comment I've ever seen on the Internet. Ever. Dolphins fans everywhere love you.

Qbancelli says:

Nexus 5 is done and ready. Everyone who ordered a N4 will get one instead.

zachavm says:

I was wondering if these were the 8GB variety being intercepted and maybe they were about to up it to 16 and 32.

joshua.worth says:

You can always dream.

rootedVette says:

Maybe some shipped without their free bumper case or something.

oops...i know when my company intercepts shipping it $12 per order...might cost google a pretty penny

Derek_B says:

Geez, can Google do any product launch without it turning into a massive cluster f-word?

nickacs says:

Exactly...Google web sales can suck it. Haven't they learned ANYTHING from the original N4 launch?? Simply inexcusable

greatgoogly says:

Wasn't just the Nexus 4 original launch, the N7 launch last summer was pretty much FUBAR'd with the retail stores getting it days before the the pre-orders shipped.

Versed says:

Yes, my life has no meaning, since someone at Staples got their N4 3 days before Google shipped me mine. Oh the depression, life's just not worth it anymore.

TheDonJ77 says:

Yeah, I was looking forward to today and now bupkis!!

mzanette says:

I love how there's always new drama around a Nexus release LOL

jackwins1 says:

I called Google on this and they said not to worry I will still receive my white N4 today. Below is an email response I got from them.

"Thank you for contacting Google Play Support! It was a pleasure to assist you today. I understand you're concerned about the tracking of your device. A small number of customers were sent a ship confirmation with an incorrect tracking number on 5/31 and 6/3. In these cases the incorrect tracking number may indicate that the package is being returned to sender.

Please disregard this tracking number. Another ship confirmation with the correct tracking number will be emailed to you within 24 hrs. Please reference the tracking number in the 'Thank You' section of the ship confirmation.

Please rest assured that your package’s arrival date is unaffected by the incorrect tracking number."

TheDonJ77 says:

I wouldn't hold my breath on that as I was told the same thing from google with an email response. Called UPS and they assured me my original package will be sent back to google, so I dont know what gives!!!!

hfm says:

Of course UPS said that, right now all they have to reference is the incorrect tracking number. You will get a new answer when you have the new tracking number that was mentioned to be coming to you.

dcatiller says:

Why are you calling it the Nexus 4s? They don't call it that on the Play Store. This is the first time I've heard that, sounds way too much like an iPhone...Or is that the point?

miller7796 says:

Outrager says:

They mean the PLURAL of Nexus 4. More than 1 Nexus. Nexii 4? Maybe they could have used an apostrophe and called them Nexus 4's to remove some of the confusion.

fromage2323 says:

but then that would be possessive

onixblack says:

I keep thinking you write it as the 4S rather then 4's

cjgm86 says:

Mine says "Missorted to an incorrect location" f..ck

csloomis says:

According to UPS my order is out for delivery. A white and a black N4.

qnet says:

I was really close to ordering one yesterday but didn't. If it were white all over including the front and 32GB of storage, I would have jumped on it. I just rooted my S4 and installed a AOKP rom on it.

nexus15 says:

people who complain about the front not white don't understand the point of software buttons. Phones with buttons can have colored fronts. Phones with software buttons are better suited to a black front. Google won't 'fix' this problem and shouldn't because there isn't one. :)

BTW the reason is to draw your focus into the screen and away from the phone itself.

ScottJ says:

Actually, one of the things that is annoying about the black Nexus 4, which I own, is that due to the non-black blacks on the LCD screen, the virtual button area looks bad when compared to the black front. Having a white front would give you nothing for you to compare the black background with and improve the look of the button area. Thus, what you said doesn't seem to make much sense.

ceric20 says:

I think it would have looked better with a white front as well.. To me it looks like all they did was take the old screen and guts and use a white back on it.. If the front was all white i would have bought one myself

RaiderWill says:

Aaay Sonny? Whatcha Say?? The McDoogle's Left Their Contraceptive In My White Lexus???

Floss82 says:

I wish they made an all aluminum or silver nexus 4 instead

Baleeted says:

I wish I could get a white one in the UK

hmmm says:

Leave it to Google to screw up another hardware release...

mammaldood says:

Unfortunately I think there IS still an issue and that your statement from Google is incorrect. I found it curious that UPS hadn't delivered my package by 3pm, and that it still is indicated as "out for delivery" although I had seen the UPS truck in my neighborhood. I livechatted with UPS:

Initial Question: Where is the UPS truck? Delivery was expected by 3pm
Chad P.: Hi, this is Chad P.. I’ll be happy to assist you.
mammaldood: Hi Chad
Chad P.: Actually, as per our records, your shipper requested today for the package to be returned, it will be returned under tracking number:

[tracking number]
mammaldood: I live in zip code [zip code]. I’ve never had a package arrive later than 3 pm (and that was the expected delivery time). My tracking still shows the package on the truck. Any idea what’s going on?
mammaldood: I contacted the shipper who said that that was a mistake. And why would the package be on the truck?
Chad P.: The out for delivery scan was cancelled, the package will be returned. Unfortunately, the request that was placed by the shipper has been completed and we cannot cancel it nor re-route it back to you.
mammaldood: I see.
THANKS GOOGLE. You ruined my day.


That sucks!

pinbak says:

Well nothing new on my end yet, except a tracking number with a return on it after it had already reached my city...what is really getting though. MY credit card no longer has a pending charge, it has a POSTED charge now!! meaning that I paid for this thing to be sent to me down the road only to be returned and no other word nothing nada!! O.o

thanks for accepting me as a comentator and i am really thankful to dub40....com because thats the site i want to examine i found that more than i want... please make sure that only one dot(.) is required

ChromeJob says:

Ah, Google, you didn't disappoint me. Just what I expected from you.

Heads up folks, ltd ed white Nexus wireless chargers, in time for Christmas..... :-D

TheDonJ77 says:

Ugh, truly sucks!

Korama12 says:

I just got off the phone with Google support. Although they claim that the tracking number I was emailed back on 5/31 is wrong, and that there has been an error, they cannot tell me what my correct tracking number should be, nor can they tell me when my phone will arrive (although they *think* it might be delivered here tomorrow). It was supposed to be today but it's almost 8 PM EST so... that ain't happening. They also strongly insisted that the phone is NOT being sent back to them, regardless of what UPS tracking info says and what some people have apparently been told by UPS. Needless to say, a very frustrating experience overall.

jackwins1 says:

This is bullshit!!! I was supposed to receive my white N4 today and nothing! Google lies like a whore in church.

Chex313 says:

Poor Google and their shipping...they may have inadvertently shipped a few hundred white pair's of Phil's underwear...still trying to intercept...Phil's had to go Commando meanwhile!

BCwrangler says:

Some people have WAY too much confidence in UPS's tracking system. It's Delivery day can change with the moon cycles and temperatures