Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2, the highly anticipated sequel to one of the biggest games ever, is now available in Google Play. It has all the twists and turns (and monkeys) of the original, but it's been completely redone with great new graphics, new environments, and even bigger monkeys! It's free to download (of course you can spend money via in-app purchases if that's your thing) and you can grab it at the link to the left.

I've not sat down and really played it yet, so holler if there's something we should take a look at. Of course, we'll spend some quality time sliding and jumping, then give this one a proper look. Hit the break for the official trailer.


Reader comments

Temple Run 2 for Android now available in Google Play


it certainly feels like a direct port from the iOS version:
- Back button won't work, so everything's on screen (like in iOS).
- You can change the graphics settings, so i'm not sure if this option is present in iOS, but it certainly is for Android.

Overall, it's a pretty solid release. :)

yup. I just tried the iOS version on a 4th gen iPod touch, you can't change the settings and it was on low - medium settings (no shadows). it was pretty laggy.

So yeah, only the android version has graphics settings that can be changed. :)

I've been playing it on the iPad for the last week. It really is a great game and huge improvement over the original. The graphics are amazing. Can't wait to get it on my Android devices now.

YAY! Why am I so excited about this?!

BTW, if you can't find it by searching in google play, then go on your phone and type into google "temple run 2 android", it will come up. Or use chrome to open the page that has this link on your mobile browser (since I'm assuming anyone worth 1/4 their salt uses Chrome)

1 - Just go to your PC
2 - Google Temple Run 2
3 - click the link to the Play store
4 - Send it to your device.


My two Cents:

The Good:

1. As others have said, Its a huge graphical improvement and it runs like butter on my Galaxy Note 2.

2. More Game play options

3. I like the Game music. Once again, its very catchy...


1. The Back button does not work. SO the only way to exit the game is by pushing the home button!!! Luckily, Since my device runs 4.1, I can close it out by swiping it.

2. The controls are not as easy to use as the first game. I am not liking the accelerometer controls in particular. I have to rotate my device almost to the point where seeing the screen in a bit difficult just to keep from falling.

Overall, nice visuals, but they need to fix the controls and the back button.

You do realize that having a back button (other than for aesthetics, and some user's comfort) on a well written application means nothing, right? When you press the home button in the middle of the game, it's immediately cached as a recently used app, and becomes totally inactive. It's not running anything in the background, no services, no nothing. By the time you open up a browser, or do something else memory intensive, it's completely gone and forgotten from you RAM. All that happens when use the multitasking menu to swipe it closed, is something else just takes it's place. So if you actually did want to open Temple Run back up, and resume mid game, there would be no chance of that happening.
Guess what happens when you press your back button, and choose "yes, I want to exit" out of Temple Run? Exactly what would happen when you press the home button. So you're going a step further than the back button would even go for you. ;-)

This is actually NOT the case for all devices.

It all really depends on how the application was written to behave and the amount of free RAM available. Granted that the app isn't written to go inactive when the home button is pressed, the app will not reset itself as long as there's RAM to spare.

That's my point though. The device will handle it itself. It's intelligent enough to push it to the side.
Also, he did mention that he had the Note 2.
Any modern device will do what I said (1GB+ RAM), and if they don't have enough memory, it will push it aside when the user back to their launcher.

That's also why I specifically said that this is the case on well written applications. I watched how Temple Run 2 behaved when closing before making this comment. On the GN, after pressing home to exit, it cached in the background (like 150MBs)--and I mean inactive background process, not running background process--and when I started using Chrome, it went away.

An application should always behave like this, unless it has a very specific and constant use. Basically all I meant though, is that Android and Temple Run 2 are designed intelligently enough for a back button not to matter. No matter what, it won't be active once you close it--with home, or back button.

It's a little unresponsive on Nexus 7 when swiping and sometimes I fall down because of that.Nice graphics though.