The Swype keyboard has been incredibly popular, despite not being openly (or legally, for that matter) available for download for Android. But Swype just opened up a beta program for our beloved platform. Here's what you need to know:

  • Go here to register for the beta program.
  • The beta test is open to a limited number of people. (So sign up now.)
  • English and Spanish for now.
  • This version is limited, compared to what you get when Swype is built in to a phone.
  • HVGA and WGVA resolutions only.
  • Support is done via forums.
  • And if you already have Swype (like on a new T-Mobile Android Phone), don't download this one. It work work.

There you go, folks. Give her a go. [Swype]


Reader comments

Swype for Android now officially in beta


Before using this app I was like "ugh, why would I want that?" Now, I'm like "woa... this is cool"

I've been trying to wrap my head around it for months. It sucked in all of the unofficial releases and it still sucks with this beta. Anyone that claims it's easier to swype than to tap out a message is on drugs! The keyboaord is too small which obscures what key you're on, punctuation and capitalization require too much effort, no standard words are a no go, etc, etc.... This will never catch on big!

I sense a hater u on drugs buddy keep ya negativity to yaself if u don't like it don't swype it to each is own

then you need to have your senses checked. i don't hate on anyone or anything. ai merely stated my opinion on the app and anyone that claims it's easier than simply tapping out a word. this is still a free country right? i can still express my opinion right?

swype is amazing for the average typer, works way better than tap typing! now i wouldn't say its quite as fast as a BB qwerty typer, but defintily faster than the droid qwerty. it's really perfect for the user that just needs to update twitter/facebook, text a little bit, and search websites.

give it a try, i think most people will like it (with the exception of you BB qwerty users)

How do I uninstall the old one you posted? It's listed under applications and my only option is Clear Data and Force Stop. Tried both those, still no uninstall option. I go to install this and my swype stays at the old ugly version.

ASTRO says nothing contains swype when I search my phone. Errr.. Help?

works awesome, much better then unofficial release and way faster then the regular keyboard. it has a small learning curve, but in the end, i think its faster and even more accurate since i always tap the wrong key. if it doesn't know a certain word, all you have to do is tap it out and it will add it to the dictionary. the punctuation is also very simple, all u have to do is swype from what ever punctuation mark u want to the space and it adds that plus a space so you can keep on swyping. like i said, very fast and very convenient.

I've gotten way use to this and I can type faster on it than on a Blackberry Tour. I kind of wish I had a Nexus One, because with this I have absolutely no use for a hardware keyboard anymore.

After trying it, it's not so bad. Of course it's not as good as the Droid keyboard, but very useful if I'm ever in my car and I need to text someone. It's definitely more accurate than Handcent's voice recognition.


I love this. I find it much easier and quicker to use than the stock keyboards. And I agree, I would have no need for a physical keyboard if this came stock. Nice little gift to start the weekend.

A couple tips if you're having problems downloading/installing it.

1. You have to delete any unofficial versions of swype before you download the official version. Just go into your file manager and delete all the old files. Make sure to remove it from your keyboard input settings screen too.

2. You have to download it using the default browser. I tried downloading it on xScope and got an error message.

That being said, the official release is MUCH BETTER than the unofficial one. Specifically, the application does a lot better with the traditional finger tap input, which is useful when entering in URLS.

I find landscape a bit wide to use my thumb with, and it doesn't feel comfortable for me to use my index finger. Landscape is never used by me using Swype.

I like Swype, but was having issues with it before. Many times, when texting especially, after swyping in my first word, it would just beep at me without putting in the word. Then, when trying to tap in the first word, it would just insert symbols, I'd then have to hit the symbols icon, then press the letters icon to get it to work (a manual reset of sorts). This was using Swype w/in Handcent. I don't know if those two programs don't/didn't play nice together, but it was rather annoying.

I just DLd the beta, hoping that is fixed. :)

I Got my version of it and I am using it right now . Seems too bee working fine . I Also have slideit and I think that works just as well as this does

just loaded this on moto droid....this app is to i can txt while driving..and dont even need to look at the

Nice, I hadn't installed the beta after loading 2.1, so was nice to see the beta come out. I debate the speed of this over tap typing, but this just "feels" better for me and I like the single thumb input, convenient.

Finally tried Swype for the first time.. Maybe I'm spoiled from being on SlideIT for a week or two, but Swype didn't seem nearly as good in word recognition. The thing I will say it is better at though is being able to insert characters and symbols is much easier in Swype. I'll play with it some more but so far I'm luke warm on it. Am I missing something, or does it take a while (over the experience I already have?)

downloaded the beta to try it and I find it slower(lag) on my Hero than the stock keyboard. Im not yet use to typing with it. I did have a problem where when its enable I cant receive text messages so I disable it for now.

Hi hct,

You are right the public beta is closed, but guess what you still can get the instruction on downloading the Swype official beta here without having to register at:

Swype original trial version expired, find out how to get the new official Swype beta

I am still using this beta on my Nexus one & it is working great. I was not one of the lucky people that got to register at the beta which seemed to be opened for one or two days.

Happy Swyping everyone!!