Google Android 2.2 Froyo Sculpture

Oh ... You mean that Froyo sculpture? Here it is, folks. Froyo. With mixed nuts and berries. Video after the break, at least until YouTube pulls it. [YouTube] Thanks, dion!

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Droidbot says:


McNooberson says:


Just tell us the release date for we're so getting it! Opinions-

IamTheCord says:

I love how he throws out the Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) hint with a little grin on his face

Toro says:

Fired! Haha nice, can't wait to get my froyo...mmmm I can taste it now

d3xn2o says:

Very Fitting with all the Berries and nuts... *bells and Whistles* for 2.2 Can't wait...

gibsonhtp#IM says:

I don't think Google is going to take down the video. If it was Apple, Jobs would probably have the building burnt to the ground, hehe.

likwidsoul says:

sad thing is I will probably never see froyo on my unrooted Eris

By the time this dish is served I'll have a Nexus One and be ready to chow down

anthonyzul says:

Woo! Can't wait to get it on my Droid!

XXXdc5 says:

mmm looks good lol

Jeryl31 says:

i'll be sure to make a visit to the google campus to take a picture of FROYO!

It says the video is private.

jcmyers79 says:

They say that "Revenge is a dish best severed cold." AND that "Revenge is sweet." I conclude that revenge must be Frozen Yogurt.

samuelward says:

It looks really delicious!! but when are they officially making it public?
extreme brite white

stalker says:

Yes.. finally all good things appears for the launch of froyo.. :D I am glad to have an N1.

andro1d says:

So let me get this straight. If I upgrade the software on my phone, I can install a spigot and have soft serve? Sweet! My battery life will definitely suffer from this...

several says:

Looks delicious. Can hardly wait to taste it.

williamcoxx says:

Yeamy!! I am feeling appetite seeing this sculpture.
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