We go hands-on with Sprint's first eco-friendly smartphone

Sprint Samsung Replenish

We met up with Sprint tonight in a cozy Chelsea bar and bring you our first look at the Samsung Replenish. It's Sprint's first eco-friendly smartphone, made in large part from recycled materials. The basic specs, if you recall, are a 2.8-inch touchscreen 600MHz processor and a meager 256MB of RAM and a 2MP camera. So high-end, it is not. But it is running Android 2.2, so it's go that going for it, which is nice.

What you've got is a relatively solid-feeling smartphone with a physical keyboard, something we've been sorely lacking on Android. The keys are decent enough, raised just the right amount with a little bit of curvature.

You also get four four physical buttons, in the menu-home-back-search configuration. The left-hand bezel sports the volume rocker, and the right hand has a voice-activation button and camera button. The power button and 3.5mm headphone jack are up top.

Pop off the back and you have access to the 1600mAh battery and microSD card, which you can swap out without having to remove the battery first.

All in all, if you're looking for an Android phone on Sprint with a physical keyboard, well, you've found it. It's not the fastest, but you will be the first kid on your block with a "green" smartphone.

We've got more pics after the break.

Sprint Samsung ReplenishSprint Samsung Replenish

Sprint Samsung ReplenishSprint Samsung Replenish

Sprint Samsung ReplenishSprint Samsung Replenish

Sprint Samsung ReplenishSprint Samsung Replenish

Sprint Samsung ReplenishSprint Samsung Replenish


Reader comments

Samsung Replenish initial review


Too bad doesn't have better specs becuase that phone doesn't look too top heavy at all... Also, I LOVE physical buttons. If only someone could make one with a physical call/hangup button!..

If this were free on contract without data plan they would win!

I smell a lawsuit from RIM on this =op Moto had a licensing agreement for Droid Pro. I don't think Samsung does

RIM didn't have an exclusive on that design. It actually looks more like a Treo. Besides, it's all about the OS, not the cover.

Outstanding to see this every efficient form factor return, especially for business users. With some beefed up specs, this could be very attractive for business users.

Keep up the innovation Sprint/Samsung. Lots of folks want the power of the Android OS, but don't want a 4" screen with no keyboard that's designed for games, playing around, and creating beautiful screens, but has complete battery drain by 3 pm.

I don't know...the samsung jack (winmob) looked an awful lot like the Bold 9700, but to my knowledge RIM didn't have a problem. Of course Android is more of a threat, but if they didn't say jack about the Jack (I know, I know) then wouldn't that set a precedent?

Just my .02...I'm not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

Any word on what battery life is like? This form factor is exactly what I want (alas I'm not on sprint!)

All new Android phones should have at least 512 MB of RAM no matter how low end it is. I hated the Droid's 256 MB of RAM and I would have kept it if not for that.

I don't care how "green" something is. Every device now has a percentage of recycled materials. Sure, this one has more. It still should of had more power. at least more ram. I do care, but I am not going to base my buying around this green logo. I also don't buy under powered crap either... which is what comes to mind when I see the green logo.

Tell me how this comes with a 1600 battery and the HTC Thunderbolt only comes with a 1400?

Where's the justice in this world?

Because HTC ALWAYS cheaps out on the battery! It's nothing new...it's just one of those things you have to deal with or plan on buying a new battery when you decide to buy one of their devices.

They should put solar panels on the back cover of all cellphones to extend battery life, its wasted space any ways.

"...smartphone with a physical keyboard, something we've been sorely lacking on Android."

Um... you're KIDDING right? Just about EVERY Android phone from Samsung on Sprint has a keyboard...waitaminute- EVERY Samsung Android phone on Sprint DOES have a keyboard! (Until the Nexus S drops)

Or was it the "Solid feeling" part you were trying to get across?

Google needs to set some minimum specs- I don't care if the phone is FREE- nothing should have below 512ram and 800mhz and a GIG of app storage that is newly released these days.

The form factor is GREAT for some people- but the specs so poor a Palm CENTRO would dance circles around it. What a waste.