Oregon Trail for Android 

You crazy kids can have your newfangled openGL 3D games -- I'm going back to 1985 to play some Oregon Trail and shoot me some squirrel. We sat down with developer Gameloft for a few minutes at CTIA and gave it a spin. Check it out after the break.


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Oregon Trail Android app at CTIA


Wasn't Gameloft the same company three mos ago that said that they were not going to continue with Android because it was not worth it to them?

I think so, though its not like they put out anything quality on the market. (Edit: Just checked their collection... Some decent stuff. I was expecting crap like Brick Breaker.)
Must get Oregon Trail.

Where's the bar code for this i want it and want it now. Just the other day i was wishing this was on Android

I haven't played this game back since 1999 when I was still in Grade school when all the schools were populated by Macintosh

Not to complain or anything, but this is the exact same game that my friend had on his motorola sliver, like two years ago. Like I said, not complaining, as I would love to see some for games made for Android.

It's in the app store. You guy must have been searching "Oregon Trial". That's a boring game about a small town divorce lawyer.

It doesn't show up when I search for 'Oregon Trail', 'Oregon', or even 'pub:Gameloft' on my (stock, non-rooted) Droid.

Well, it looks like it's only for 2.0 and later devices. I scanned the QR code on my MyTouch and the market told me that it wasn't found.

Is there anyone besides me that kind of wishes for at 8bit edition to come out?

Now thats how remember Oregon Trail. Back when Pappa Bush was president, the only computers were in the ONE computer lab that your class got to use for 1 hour a week, and lets not forget they were all Apple IIgs with a group dot-matrix printer. . . I miss Hyperstudio, Number Munchers, and the best drafting program of all time, Logo Plus.

Man, who am a kidding. . . things are WAY better now.