Onkyo's remote app isn't exactly what we'd call a looker, but it's a great little mobile addition to its receivers. It got an update this weekend to add compatibility with its 2014 models, which is good since we're nearly a quarter of the way through the year. It also improved the cursor controls, and the volume controls. If you've got an Onkyo receiver, definitely check this one out.


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Onkyo updates its Android app for 2014 receivers


Try Onkytroller or OnRemote. Much better apps on Android. Onkytroller is even better on an Ipad.

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Thanks. I will check those out. The Onkyo app is definitely handy and it works, but it is rather awkward to use.

I agree (though in all fairness I haven't tested any high end Yamaha receivers), but the app is still very quirky....
A quick example is: when you go into the select source screen, the currently playing music stops for no apperent reason.
Ah well, 99% of the time I use my squeezebox that manages my receiver for me so no real problems for me, just unexpected from such big companies.

Gave up on Onkyo after to many HDMI board failures. Turned to Pioneer their apps for their receivers are great.

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I've been using the Onkyo Remote app and OnkyTroller Pro for some time. Both of them have marginal and obscure UI's, I think. Also it seems that the most recent Onkyo firmware update which served to isolate it from conflict with MiCasa vera boxes, fixed that problem, but may have resulted in difficulty getting remote access from either of those apps. They work, on and off now, and I was able to manually enter the IP number on OnkyTroller to help with the conneciton.

I just took pinch55's suggestion and installed the free Pocketwood MyAv app, which looks pretty good to me so far. it found the Onkyo on the first try on one device, and asked for my IP and device name on my Nexus 7. I like the UI on MyAv better than either of the other two, and it seems to work properly.

UPDATE: I just realized that the MyAv app is actually a 28 day trial of a paid app.

the one option I have been waiting for and still isn't available is the option to turn down rear speaker levels with the onkyo app when my wife goes to sleep I always turn down my rear levels so its not as loud.

This app has needed an update.. but it needed more than just compatibility updates.. for the life of me I can't understand why they still haven't added a manual IP feature... what's sad is the app always finds my receiver via the iPad version and yet the android version at the same time will rarely locate my receiver..

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