Dreamcast on Android

Android users may soon be able to play their favorite Dreamcast games on their phones as nullDC, the open-source emulator, is at an early alpha build for the platform.

drk|Raziel has been hard at work on this project and it looks to be making significant progress. He posted a video recently showcasing the booting of the bios on a Samsung Captivate (see the video after the break). This is a big step in bringing Dreamcast to Android; games are reportedly coming soon.

For all you Sega fans, it appears as if you will be able to play Dreamcast games on your Android-powered mobile device. [drk | Raziel's blog]


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nullDC coming to Android; bios boot gets video


Lol how old are you? . . . I'm 24 and was a proud owner of a Genesis. Which is where I played Super Street Fighter 2 round the clock. I go all the way back to NES

I'm only 23 and i remember playing the genesis and game gear, both of which where awesome consoles and would definitely play on my android!

I am 24 and I started gaming with NES. I loved Dreamcast, it was ahead of it's time being the first internet connected console that I am aware of. I remember playing Phantasy Star online, Quake 3 arena, and a few other games online. I loved the sonics for this console, Power Stones, Virtua Tennis, Bomberman's, i know I am forgetting a lot of great games too.

I'm 23 as well I own a Genesis, a Saturn and a DC, this app would be great but I have so little room more apps on Droid 1 it will be tough to squeeze it in

I bought a dreamcast on lauch actually still have the system and the digital memory that they sold lol. so many good games to bad marketing was bad on it, it was advanced for its time and m$ killed it with the xbox and sony with their playstation. More money more marketing.

I'm ... not 23, but I don't think I'm alone in thinking that the Dreamcast was one of the greatest consoles ever (imho). I still have mine hooked up (via VGA cable) and still a ton of fun. It was the first console that really made going to an arcade obsolete. (FYI Arcades were places of business that housed very large video game cabinets on which one would play games for money)

Barring performance issues this will be epic. Rez please ASAP. Many fantastic games (some may work better with virtual controls than others) Very excited.

Same here. Still have it hooked up and give it a little attention every now and then. It was always my favorite console. Lol, I still have discs full of nes and snes emulators and roms that I used to play on it.

Virtua Fighter on my phone!
The Dreamcast was supposed to be Microsoft's big entry into gaming consoles, as it ran WindowsCE as it's OS. I think M$ realized they wanted more of the video game market, so they encouraged Sega to dump the platform.
I sold my old console on eBay a few years ago. I miss it sometimes.
It would be cool to be able to play some of those old games on my phone.

i didnt get a dreamcast till after its downfall but i loved that thing to death! all the homebrew the fact that custom code could just be run off a blank disc no software hacking needed was amazeing i wish other consoles took after that fact so much fondness quake , quake 3, PSO , sonic, doom, emulators. god it was amazeing i think im inspired to get a new one ! Lol though ive yet to see any powerful dreamcast emulators even on pc. though i havent looked up nullDC ina long time in its defence. i remember once haveing a big quake group mathc with some friends we had a DC, iphone, pocket pc, 2 laptops, desktop pc, a wii and a psp all in one game. it was awsome XD wii came in frist dc second and pc in a close thrid