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Fire up the Google Play Store and you'll see a plethora of updates to just about every Google app out there. The biggest change comes to Chrome for Android, which loses its beta tag and is unleashed as a fully stable product. Other updated apps include Google+, Play Books, Play Movies, Maps, YouTube and Street View, to name but a few. You'll want to check individual changelogs in the Play Store for specifics, but most of these updates seem to be minor revisions to bring the apps into line with what's shipping in the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean preview builds for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus

More: Chrome for Android changelog

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Eldwafio says:

Is the whole magazine and tv series thing coming to us in the UK Alex or is it the usual US only to begin with? I (are they coming to all devices or just jelly bean upwards?) Wondered if there's any news on Google music and talk getting an eu release too.

Numbuh101 says:

Google+ has a new desing, and Youtube is more amazing than ever before

mramgraham says:

Netflix was also updated for jelly bean.

jfs101 says:

Google maps got the offline update Alex, at least one update is more than a welcome mat for JB.

mflava#AC says:

Today has been a GREAT day for Android.

Pretty sweet how in Youtube you can pre-download the videos to watch later w/ no data. I like that.

Milad6923 says:

google maps is updated for offline use but doesn't let you use navigation offline...!

Rirruto says:

Annoying as hell. Can't even use Directions within Maps while offline.

kenyee says: ndrive or navigon or another real offline nav app.

Didn't think this would work :-)

StargateNH says:

Yeah, no kidding. Small steps I guess. They need also to include the capability to calculate directions without touching the server when necessary.

The Maps and YouTube where both MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS!!!

Small_law says:

The Google Earth update is awesome, but 3D makes my GNex chug. Everyone might be hitting the server.

bryanw504 says:

No youtube update for me seems to be a ICS only thing :-(. I'll check to see if its on the transformer prime when I get home.

kagenish says:

after i updated both my phone and tablet i was getting sign-in error into my gmail but now everything is OK. anybody else had this problem.

benga says:

it won't accept my password and says the same error as yours...although i can update and download apps ...weird

Ashton says:

Ditto here. I have access to all Google products on my computer and OG EVO (old school) yet I keep getting this notification and it doesn't accept my password. Kind of annoying actually.

StargateNH says:

Me too. Problem Solved! Sign out of Google+ and sign back in and go through the new G+ set up process.

perhac18 says:

Anyone's Play store update yet? I dont see magazines in mine yet

bryanw504 says:

Try clearing the cache thats what I did and it forced the update.

perhac18 says:

No luck on clearing the cache still same market

trekmario says:

Ha jellybean i wont see this one if ever. Still waiting on ics. It probably wont come to my droid bionic.and today is the last day to upgrade without looseing my unlimited. But sadly no upgrades available.

XavierMatt says:

you're in a shitty position, i would just pay for the new Nexus phone November full price. Or buy the GNex now.

Dave12308 says:

Of course ICS will come to the Droid Bionic. The 2233 leak works almost perfectly, do you really think they would have put that much polish on ICS if they never intended to release it? If you want it bad enough, just install the leak. It is perfectly reversible via the .902 FXZ file. But i'd be willing to bet an official release is only a few weeks away, if that long. I have a feeling the Bionic ICS soak test will begin soon, probably once the RAZR OTA really gets underway.

GMoney749 says:

Yeah, the update to Google+ is very nice. Readability and better notifications.

mechaphil says:

TuneIn Radio also updated today for Jelly Bean. Only non-Google app I've found to update for 4.1 right away.

icu says:

Now that Chrome is bout of beta it no longer works for me... maybe it's just me? Running AOKP which is most certainly ICS. *sadface*

Ok is it just my evo 3d, or is this phone getting left behind with youtube updates? Didn't get HD, and now can't get this latest update.