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More than 8,000 have installed the Android Central Forums app


I was having an issue trying to post a photo from the forum app. Im using an unrooted Sprint Nexus S 4G. Keep getting a security error. Any ideas?

I don't know what all the fuss is with these forum apps. I always get mad when visiting some forum and every single time I have to tap "No, thanks, I don't want to install the forum app".. I'm pretty sure features are missing from them, same as with the mobile versions of websites. It is really frustrating when looking to do something and searching and searching and finally getting to the conclusion "Oh wait, this feature must not be available on the app/mobile".

For some reason mine doesn't show the Evo 4G LTE section. It shows all the other Evo sections tho, and if a thread in the Evo 4G LTE section is under "unread" it will go to it.

I could look, but is there any added functionality that I don't get with Tapatalk? I just hate to have redundant apps.

And I will too as soon as I get an Evo 4G LTE with more than the 1gb of internal storage that I have on my OG Evo! This has been a great device but you would think the people building these things would have known better! It was my first foray into the Android world so I didn't know any better.

How many of those 8000 un-installed after realizing you couldn't upload a photo? (p.s. Posting from mobile web right now and it seems to work just fine without an app)

Wonder how many are like me and have installed it nut never opened the app?
Mobile browser is so easy even a caveman can do it..

I like to bounce back and forth between AC and my other favorite forums, so it's easier for me to just use Tapatalk for all of them, rather than the specific AC version, so I don't have to exit the app.