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IK Multimedia first announced that their iRig Recorder app would be coming to Android back at CES in early January. Back then, we were told to expect it to land by the end of January. All went quiet, January became a memory, and the app never appeared for download. Better late than never though, iRig Recorder is now available as a free download from the Google Play Store. While the app is free, full functionalities can be unlocked for the one time fee of $4.99.

Besides being a full featured recording and editing app, iRig Recorder is compatible with the existing iRig hardware, previously only supported by iOS devices. Accessory makers have been notoriously slow to adopt Android, but the arrival of the iRig suite of audio equipment and the Recorder app is fantastic news for anyone who needs to make good quality recordings on the go.


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iRig Recorder for Android now available from Google Play


I wonder if something like this makes Google look any harder at their audio latency problem. I doubt it. The people who care probably make up a percentage point of their users.

I thought the same exact thing; in order for this to be truly useful for anyone beside the casual user, the audio latency issue must be fixed. Check sonomawireworks site for details on a possible fix as I can't post links.

Same here. Making the problem even more complicated is that even if Google fixes the problem, there's no way to know if your current phones will be updated. I am not even talking about phones from other manufacturers -- Google may not even update their older Nexus phones for a specific fix. Look at Bluetooth 4 compatibility. The hardware of Galaxy Nexus supports it, but when Google released the Nexus 4, the OS is updated to support Bluetooth 4 on Nexus 4 only (excluding Bluetooth Low Energy support.)

Why does devs usually make game or design thing for iOS and port them on Android. It actually made the app look ugly on Android by using iOS design. I despite Devs that is being too lazy to create a different UI for each OS. Why it does need a back button inside the app. Android already have a hardware button for that. iOS UI on Android phone make it look like Fisher Price phone without the color. too ugly.

Totally agree. Resorted to never buying or even downloading apps that do so. Especially if they arent at least going by a 2.3 or higher design.

*ahem* Looking at you android central, and what remains of the apps you have, branded under "Android Central" and Mobile Nations as well. Their forums app is hideous.

I mean really. If you're going to take a screen shot of an app that still uses the dedicated menu key, do it on something OTHER than an HTC One series device, otherwise design it properly. All we see is a hideous black bar with a sole menu key, further reinforcing the lazy design in our currently modernizing app catalogue.

Never mind the design design language, I wish they would stop with the little"i" in front of everything. When I see that it it instantly sets me in the wrong state of of mind.

I have a plan the develop a washroom system called iShit. Hopefully the company will get off well since I placed i at the front of i-S-h-i-t.

It will come with an iPhone app and will allow the user to take a picture or video of your butt while doing what you do in the washroom using a special app on your phone. :_)