Inside for Android

The curated news app company Inside has now launched a version for Android devices via the Google Play store, offering users a way to check out what the company thinks is the best journalism on the Internet but in a condensed form.

The app, which was released earlier this year for iOS and BlackBerry, offers stories from around the web but presents them in a 270 character summary written specifically for the app by the team at Inside.

Inside has also added some new features to all of the versions, including notification options such as phone and emails for following a specific news topic. There are also some new push notifications for either all the updates on a specific topic or only for the ones that the Inside curator team have marked as being "important".

What do you think of Inside's launch on Android and do you really want to use an app that offers quick summaries of news stories?

Source: Inside blog


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Inside app brings smart, bite-sized news to Android


Thanks for the tip. I just installed and it is a little klunky but I am sure it will get better. Also, my data connection is slow at the moment, so that is a big factor I am sure. I am going to give it a shot over FlipBoard for a while. I still use the old Google News App that comes with most Roms, but I feel like it is not always the most balanced.

Giving it a try now. Seems decent enough at a first glance. A little slow to load articles but otherwise OK.

From the DeathStar using my rooted LG G2

I had to install it just to see the colored notification bar in android L.

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