Dolphin Browser HD

Android 2.0+ The Dolphin Browser is an old favorite on Android, and it just got a nice refresh in the form of the Dolphin Browser HD. You want tabbed browsing? You got it. Gesture support? Yep. It's there. How about the ability to download a YouTube video straight onto your SD card? Sure thing. Go ahead and give it a shot with our hands-on video after the break.


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Hands-on with the Dolphin Browser HD Android app


The ability to easily download youtube videos is sweet. They even show up in my Act 1 video player and can be deleted from there. Skyfire is still my default though. When Adobe releases Flash, integrate it well and this will be my new default.

Still can't dl porn..guess well be sticking to skyfire aka steel browser. Is captcha new thing for posting?

I really like this browser, but it errors out whenever I try to download files from usenet. They work perfectly with the stock HTC browser on my Incredible, but I can not get them to download with Dolphin. Very frustrating.

In the official video posted to YouTube by Dolphin, it shows ABP's stop sign logo when it mentions "most of the popular add-ons are supported" however I cannot find it in the short list of add-ons or any mention of it on

Has anyone found out how to get this? I know it says more add-ons are coming but I was initially interested in Dolphin over Skyfire because it showed ABP in their video.

Great browser. I think it's better than Skyfire.

SIDE NOTE: What battery app or widget is the guy in the YouTube video is using? His battery notification has the percentage on top of the stock battery

I would also like to know about the battery indicator in the stock battery. BUT i have a feeling its rooting trickery.

Man I am really liking this. Very smooth haven't had any loading issues, force closes, and I really like the hand gestures

xScope is still way faster loading the page. I don't want to hit enter and wait 30 seconds for it to load? And I am only going to use Wifi home but I'm not home all the time? Way too slow loading pages. Otherwise looks good.

I gotta say, I love all the hands-on videos you post.
The quality is top notch, and it keeps me coming to the site from Google Reader to watch the videos.
Keep up the great work!