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Google Wallet is getting a facelift today with its latest update, bringing a smoother UI and some under the hood improvements as well. The interface now more closely follows the holo UI guidelines, with navigation tabs along the top of the interface and an overflow settings button to hold all extra functions. You're no longer greeted by a list of all available cards, as they are now all housed one more tap away under the "My Wallet" tab with only your default card displayed. There is a button to go directly to "My Offers" from the first page, and new offers can be found from the "Explore" tab on the main page.

The update also brings some nondescript "improvements to the user interface, application stability, and battery life." Although no specifics are listed, these are all good improvements that although aren't as noticeable at first as a new UI make a big difference in the quality of the app.

The Google Wallet app has undergone several visual changes since its launch, and this is probably the best of the bunch. Head to the Play Store and check out the latest update if you have a compatible device, or stick around after the break for a few screenshots of the new UI.

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BigDaddy3000 says:

Can anyone please explain to me why Google Wallet does not work on my Galaxy Note 2? It has NFC, so why won't it work? (Without root)

Oscaron says:

Are you on AT&T? If so, NO WALLET FOR YOU!

AT&T is co-inventing ISIS mobile payments with T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless and does not want competition. It's blocked on Google Play.

eahinrichsen says:

I'm on AT&T and it's showing up in the market for me.

Oscaron says:

It's in the market. It just says 'Not available on your carrier'.

Edit: Oh forgot. Could be the phones. I have an S3 and a buddy of mine has the same as OP. Both of us are carrier-blocked from installing.

still1 says:

if you have unlocked phones like nexus 4 but use ATT it will show up.

its blocked only on those phones which are ATT branded. bunch of AH

eahinrichsen says:

Ah thanks, I was wondering about that. Yeah, I have an N4.

ayg says:

Not 100% true... I have an international Galaxy Note 2 on Straight Talk and Google Wallet lists itself as "not compatible" when you go to Google Play from a PC and try to push it to the phone. Samsung has a hand in why its not functional on the Note 2 if its restricted on the international versions.

hoosiercub says:

I believe that's just incompatibility with the device and the app. I don't think Samsung has any hand in it.

DWR_31 says:

I'm on Sprint and one of the reasons I chose the Sprint GSIII over the other devices was Google Wallet availability.

I bypassed the Photon Q, the LG Optimus G, and the SG Note 2 on Sprint just because I couldn't download Google Wallet on the store demo units. And it doesn't help when store reps think that it can be put on any phone on Sprint.

I really love how people with GSIII's look at me in wonder when they realize my Sprint GSIII can do something that theirs can't.

And this is just one more reason to stay with Sprint.

BigDaddy3000 says:

No I'm on Sprint. But I'm just wondering what the reasons are for it not being available on a phone that's fully capable! I can't find a reason anywhere!

Verizon? If not, it might not have the security element inside.... just a guess.

Anthony Zul says:

I've been wondering the same thing. I haven't been able to find an explanation anywhere.

BigDaddy3000 says:

Yea neither have I bro!

still1 says:

Branded Contract phones probably wont get wallet because ATT/Verizon/T-Mobile try to push their service. Sprint dont block it. any unlocked phones used with any carrier can get it

cjbrigol says:

Root and it takes like 5 minutes to get it working. It's so cool. I used it the other night on my t-mobile Note 2 and it's just great. I can't wait until it's unblocked.

balthuszar says:

any phone? any carrier? i'm on a vzw moto razr hd, tried the modaco luck...

Need the sideload link for Verizon Gnex, SMH

BarQsRB1966 says:

I am rooted and using Google Wallet, do I dare update my Wallet and risk breaking the wallet? I too am using a Note 2 on TMO.

pinch55 says:

I like using at the grocery store. Cashiers and people in line are always asking how I paid with my magic phone.

derek5l says:

Same for me at McDonald's... Funny every time

jonesdavide says:

Im using CM 10.1 M1 on Nexus 4 and still can't get Wallet to work for me. It gets as far as setting up Wallet for Purchases where it should find my credit card but then fails. Worked fine when I was on stock but can't get it working on CM.

bangishotyou says:

You aren't alone in that. Tried it with a CM 10.1 Nightly on my Nexus 4 awhile back, same thing. Got as far as you did and then it would fail. Think it's a CM10.1 issue right now. Works perfectly fine on stock and anything stock based/stockish. Using it on MoDaCo's stock based ROM and it's working fine.

ByteTraveler says:

Apparently blocked on T-Mobile now, too. Brand new s3, only a few days out of the box, and Play Store shows, "This app is incompatible with your Samsung Galaxy SIII"

BarQsRB1966 says:

You will need to root it, I used this tutorial. Should also work on the S3.

deltatux says:

Still waiting for Google to roll it out in Canada. Until then I have to use the much less secure PayPass Tag that my bank gave me as an interim solution. There's no way to lock the NFC chip from paying if I'm too close to a terminal (rare occurrence but could happen)

People can technically side swipe my PayPass tag unknowingly too...

wewewi says:

They improved jack shyt; the Nexus 4 is still unavailable.

brendilon says:

Good point, we should move those software developers into manufacturing...

If you want a Nexus 4, buy one. I bought one last week.

brocinco says:

How do we sue these damn carriers? This is BS!

downer06 says:

I miss google wallet. My dam optimus g on sprint doesnt do it for some reason. All my samsung sprint phones did it.

AJC1973 says:

Is vzw still blocking Google wallet? That's probably why your note ii doesn't work

I use Google Wallet all the time on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The only store that never works is MACY's. McDonalds, Petco, Chevron, Vending Machines, Sports Authority, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Circle K, Whole Foods and various local vendors who take it and it works flawlessly.

I will probably not buy another phone if it is not direct from Google, Pure Nexus and Unlocked.

anscarlett says:

Still waiting for UK release

ibemonzta says:

It's part carrier and part manufacturer on who's fault it is. T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint are collaborating to bring an app called Isis as a competitor to google wallet. that's the carrier side. manufacturer side would be Samsung. Samsung touchwiz Rom has a missing file in its framework or needs an alteration in it or something I don't know EXACTLY what it is but it renders it useless without it if your trying to install wallet. because of it you need to root your phone and download said file and flash it, though people unfamiliar to this shouldn't do it or should look it up before attempting. I myself have google wallet installed and running perfectly on T-Mobile sgs3. just used it 10 minutes ago to buy lunch

ibemonzta says:

and if your reading the comment by Carlos Thomas, I believe what he meant to say was that those stores in fact DO work


John-Smith says:

My Nexus 4 is unsupported!?

Then I check and apparently it's because I'm rooted :(


I believe any rooted device is technically "unsupported" because Google doesnt recommend using something as sensitive as Wallet on a device that has purposefully opened up an exploitable hole in the operating system. There's a difference between unsupported and full-out not being able to install the app, though.

flychinook says:

One of the largest problems I've had with Google wallet is the half-a$$ed implementation by retailers. Most of the places in my area that accept NFC payment have at least one terminal out of order, and so few people use it that they really don't care. My local Walgreens has nice new credit card terminals, but the NFC part isn't turned on! Best buy won't allow it for large purchases. I know a large part of it is the area; rural WI isn't exactly on the cutting edge of technology. But I really can't wait until the iPhone gets NFC, I honestly think that's the only way the technology is going to take off (even if we have to sit back and watch Apple claim that they invented it).

davidnc says:

Updated wallet on my vzw nexus when I get home will update it on my vzw S3(although on the S3 need to be rooted) , suk it vzw who needs ISIS anyhoo
link to sideload already udated my Vzw nexus

SlappyMcgee says:

I really wish I could have google wallet on my Att SGS3. I would trust google before I trust ATT.

caffeine_joe says:

Hello all. New member and brand new Android user. Please forgive my newbie question but by rooting your device bypass the Service Provider's blocking policy or does it allow you to obtain it from the Play Store if it's otherwise unavailable?



NFC Payments are accepted all over the place. Walgreens, CVS, 7-11, McDonalds, Mobile, Shell, Quick Trip, anywhere with a Speedpass system, or hat has modern registers.

The problem is getting the employees to accept that you just paid with your phone.