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This is big, folks. Google Wallet finally has been opened up to more payment methods. Mainly, it now works with any credit card and lists credit cards previously tied to your Google account. It's taking a new approach to mobile payments, moving everything into the cloud and off your device. That means a couple things. For one, you'll still need a PIN to use Google Wallet, and Google (and us as well) recommends you have a lock on the entire phone. But should things go awry, you can lock and remotely disable Google wallet on a lost phone. As Google points out, that's not something you can do with your leather wallet.

After that, alls you need is a Google Wallet-compatible device (here's the list of 'em), and you're off and running. No more exclusives. No more errors.  So head to the Play Store and smash that update button, and be sure to let us know in the comments how it goes adding cards to the app.

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Google Wallet update takes things to the cloud, lets you add any credit card


It says Unsupported device. Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile. Is anyone seeing this too? So does that means I can't use it to make payments after I added a card?


"Unfortunatly Google Wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network".

Running on an quad core HTC One X on AT&T. NOT. ROOTED.

I thought surely this would break the carriers death grip on Google Wallet by moving it all to the cloud. But not so.

Just WHAT advantage does this new change bring if you still can't use it on any capable device.

For the 15 people with a Sprint android phone that is NFC ready, it means that the info you put into your wallet can serve as a payment-by-proxy at retailers who support NFC style payments.

In other words, this doesn't mean ****. Wake me up when A) Google Wallet is ready for every NFC phone and B) google wallet lets me take ANY credit card, encrypt the card info, then pass JUST the card info to the merchant by way of their fancy NFC terminal, so that I am checking out with THAT card and not with a Google proxy payment (super annoying).

And why do they get a say in this?

Its JUST and encrypted data transaction now that it is all in the cloud right?

What gives AT&T a say in this matter?

And if on Verizon, using their LTE, they are forbidden by the FCC from blocking, are they not?

Nope, they can still do what they want.  They might not be able to block the application, but they block the implementation.

Oh, and those rules only apply to Verizon.  AT&T was careful to choose the blocks that don''t have to allow "open access".

I am pretty sure that Verizon should not be blocking Google Wallet, per the 'Block C' rules. I sent a complaint in to the FCC just the other day regarding this issue. Just go to and file one yourself. The more people that do it, the more likely they are to investigate and open Google Wallet up to us.

What are you even talking about man??? Google Wallet works on ANY DEVICE that has an NFC chip. You'll just need to sideload the .apk... it's just an app. I've used it many times on my Verizon Nexus. And there are many phones on Sprint with an NFC chip including the Nexus S, Gnex, GS3, EVO LTE

"Google Wallet works on ANY DEVICE that has an NFC chip."

No. It doesn't.

HTC One X on AT&T.
Phone capable. Still won't work.
Please don't make blanket statements without some research.

Getting the same exact screen on ma` GNEx and i thought am the only one, because am in Serbia with "Telenor"
confused too

Got the same message for my S3 with ATT. The article is misleading because it says all you need is an NFC enabled device.

Hooray so in order to streamline the handling of *sensitive info*, all I have to do is download an APK from an unverified site (as good as XDA is, it's still unverified) and then root my device using a method that likely involves unvetted binaries, then specifically tell the phone that it's allowed to install apps at will.

Sounds great! Where do i stuff in all my credit card numbers!

Sprint G-Nex here. just updated the Google Wallet app. what was strange is that cards that i deleted off of the app re-appeared post update. i had to re-delete them.

I just used this to buy a Thirst Buster (now Polar Pop wtf) at Circle K. The cashier asked what I was doing with my phone around the card reader. When the reciept started printing she was very confused.

Worked like a charm, and I walked out of the store feeling like I was cooler than I really am.

I used mine for the first the the other day at Rite Aid to buy some Advil and a soda. The cashier was an older lady and didn't even bat an eye when I said credit and tapped my phone against the card reader.

I already had a credit card added to the online version of Google Wallet for my Play store purchases. It showed up and activated easily once I updated the app. Can't wait to try it much better than having to constantly transfer money onto the prepaid card to use it. Will probably use it for larger purchases as well now at Macy's, Bloomingdales and Best Buy. (I never transferred large amounts onto the prepaid card, so I only used it at 7-11 and Jamba Juice)

Unfortunately the app force closes when I try to add a normal card after I updated (Verizon Galaxy Nexus)

I have a rooted Verizon GNex with Vicious Jelly bean rom and have no force close issues when installing my debit card...just saying.

Initially getting FC. Going to reboot/clear data/usual suspects then report back. Use Google Wallet regularly prior to today.

Clearing data will probably be required for users that had Wallet all setup prior to this update and used it regularly. After clearing data and letting Wallet re-establish its presence on my phone, everything works and it even imported my cards from online as others have reported.

saw something that says this is no longer using the secure element on the phones. can someone confirm it, and what does it mean? do phones that have had the secure element locked now work with wallet? if it's in the cloud do the transactions now require internet access on the device (thinking nexus 7) or is the transaction still handled by the merchant's servers and simply transmitted from the device using NFC?

I believe the secure element is still used, but now will only hold a "virtual" card instead of your actual card data.

I was wondering the same thing. If it now requires a data connection to use Wallet, kinda makes it useless on the Nexus 7.

Update: just tried it at a 7-11 with WiFi completely disabled. Totally worked, was also using my PayPal Business MasterCard so that does in fact work. Good job Google!

Sprint HTC Evo 4G LTE here... updated fine, and I only had to add info for my debit card: The credit card I have on my Google account looks like it was activated/working straight out of the box.

Inordinately excited about this.

Yep, same phone and same experience. Updated successfully... I had to update my information for two cards. I also had to delete two expired cards.

Just updated Wallet on my Sprint EVO 4G LTE and I am still getting the "Not Supported: Unfortunately, Google Wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network." It worked when I originally got my phone, but it hasn't for a couple months now.

Nevermind. Just downloaded a system update (1.22.651.3710RD) not sure when I got it but it is checked to check daily. Now wallet works. YAY!

Click on the download link in the post/article above while browsing on your phone. When it asks which application you want to use to download, use the Android Market app. Then install.

Or go to the respective forums of your choice and download the unmolested .apk file.

I might use it more now. I just used the $10 that came with the Nexus. This gives me more options for me since I also don't have a Citi card.

Looks like you need to do it through the web Play store. Seeing others in the comments say just that and it worked for me as well on my VZW GNex.

If it is all in the cloud why would rooting make your device unsupported? I thought the issue with rooting was because the card information was held in some way on the phone?

A rooted device is generally "less secure", so Google posts that statement to cover their @$$. It's nothing new.

With the move to the cloud is seems that Google Wallet should be much more secure.

This is wonderful news. The only issue is how this will work for tiered rewards card - for example, the BankAmericard 1-2-3 card. 3% cash back for gas purchases, but I think they go off of specific codes sent by the retailer. If those aren't sent by Google then you'd just get the 1% for everything.

Am I misunderstanding, or should I now be able to get Wallet on my One X? When I go to Google Play Store on my phone, I still don't see it.


Not sure if the OneX will work with Google Wallet but you can side-load the apk to try. Just goto the AndroidPolice site and find their article. It has an apk download link.

i dont see it either on my one x under the play store..
i think at&t has blocked it on the play store because they are working on their own version of GW (what google tells me anyway)

I had heard that too, but this write-up made it sound like the phone restrictions had been removed. No such luck. I sideloaded the new version and get the same message about it not being supported by my phone or carrier.


Does it actually use the credit card, or does it use a prepaid master card and then just charge your linked card for that amount? There is a significant difference -- if I have a reward card, I would get 2% back for a charge at a grocery store, but only 1% if that charge shows up as *GOOGLE WALLET*

Exact same point I just made :) It uses an intermediate card - so the vendor charges google, google charges your card. Just like Paypal payments.

Looking at the updated Terms of Service, it looks like the latter: "GPC does not guarantee and makes no representations that the issuer of your Payment Instruments will honor any usual rewards or benefits (including any purchase protection or insurance) for your purchases using the Google Mobile Wallet Application"

Answered my own question. When you launch the app, it says "Purchases at the merchant are made using Google Wallet and not your credit or debit card. After each purchase, Google Wallet will charge your credit or debit card for the same amount"

do you know how to get this on the verizon GNex? I have the old version on it but can't find a way to update

So for anyone on VZ to get this you need to root and run a non-branded version of the play store right? Meh. Might just keep using my normal cards.

excellent! I was using wallet a lot before, but not having to transfer money to the specific Google will make this even easier, and me happier since I'm the super lazy type

I've had Wallet on my VZ GNex for some time now. Did a search for it in the Play Store, and it wouldn't come up. Finally went to the list of "My Apps" to find it. Clicked on it, at the side is said "This app is compatible with some of your devices". Clicked "install" and sure enough, for the first time my GNex wasn't grayed out. Clicked install, and got a pop up on my phone saying that it had been updated!

Opened it, put in my pin, and it was populated, as far as I could tell, with the cards from my online Wallet account. This is *exactly* what I've been waiting for. Great job, +Google Wallet team!

Interesting I cannot see the update on my Nexus 7. Updating remotely through the google play store online worked though.

Ahhh, I see how Google got around it all. They're being all sneaky by basically charging using a virtual Master Card and then they charge your card afterward. Interesting idea as long as it doesn't break.

I agree that it is somewhat of a loop hole but keep in mind "pay pass" is a MasterCard proprietary system so there is no reason for the other card services to want to use this. Since Wallet relies solely on the Paypass system for the users today it only makes sense to work with Mastercard to produce this method of payment. Until the other card services adopt an NFC method of receiving payment this is all we'll see. Now how do I get everybody in my community to change their systems to a Paypass system?

its giving me a incorrect account information error on one of my mastercard and Visa card. but took my Bank card/Debit and another Mastercard. is there a limit on how many you can add?

This is awesome.

I have a question. Does Google Wallet split purchases between the default prepaid card and your added credit card. For example, let's say I have $10 on the prepaid card, and it's set as my default card. I have also set up a credit card. I make a $40 purchase. Will it use the $10 prepaid first and then only charge $30 to my credit card?

No, you need to select which card you want to use before you try to make a payment at a merchant. If you try to charge $40 to a Prepaid Card with only $10 on it, the transaction should fail due to insufficient funds.

Wallet simply does not show up in the play store, play app, or list of my apps on both for me. Do I need to find an APK to side load?

Woo hooo! I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and I just updated. I was not able to do it from my phone, but I followed the link above to the Play Store. It indicated that the app was already installed, but I clicked on the installed button anyway. The new version was downloaded and I now have the latest version!

All of this despite my app showing that I was running the latest version when I clearly was not.

I am on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and I was able to find Google Wallet in the Play Store and install with no problems by following the Play link directly. Have the latest version as of August 1.

Added my debit card fine.

It's interesting that though it's not supported, it did allow me to download the app in Google Play (Galaxy S2 Skyrocket).

I'd like for Google Wallet to work with credit card reward points. I've read the information telling me that it's up to the individual credit card vendors, but I highly doubt they'll know anything about Google Wallet when I ask them about cash back bonus and other rewards.

I found mine in the 'my apps' list. Been using it since I got the gnex.
Updated the same way, found it in the list. I was able to add a card and usage is no problem.

Just downloaded it for the Verizon Gnex without a problem! Just clicked "here's the list of 'em" then clicked download app from that list and bam! Sent me to the Play Store without a problem and sent it to my device. Awesome.

Tried to side load it on a friends VZW S3, no dice. Say's it's not available for the provider. On the bright side, my GNex is rocking it!!!

Sprint GNex here. Updated and added my debit card. Then I promptly went and bought a soda out of the vending machine at work with it (has a paypass terminal) and worked flawlessly.

I hope one day to work for Google, life dream of mine. Anyways I have the VZW GN unrooted running stock ICS and went to the play store and was able to send Google Wallet to my phone and added all of my credit cards...ING, Capital One, and my BofA. How cool. How will this impact ISIS and all of the other mobile wallets yet to launch? Way to go GOOGLE!!!!

to make things simple anyone who is on verizon and cant get wallet to load just go to the play store on your computer and on there website hit install and select the nexus it will download and update automatically.

I read an article (i think on about an Apple patent that uses NFC technology for payment as well as a limiting payment app that some elaborate way to set limits for a company and corporate cards down to restricting specific things purchased (like booze and non-related goods for the intended account). It was so elaborate I'm sure that apple patented using cash to pay merchants somewhere in there too. There's something. Whether it is in the next iphone or not i honestly don't care. I don't understand being pissed if VZ were driven by Apple vs. a google app.

Honestly though, its all going to go this way and its just a matter of time. Eventually I'll NFC bump my truck door and through a series of scripts it will adjust my seat, read the weather, adjust the thermostat, turn it to my morning show and announce how many miles until empty while simultaneously sending my wife a message saying I'm in the car so she can track me. And i'll love every minute of it.

i think apple will add NFC, but also apple controls the hardware including the secure element on the NFC chip that you need to load card payment details, google is only the OS and its up to the carriers and the manufacture(i.e samsung, LG) to who gets access to the NFC chip so thats why verizon doesn't have google wallet because they will have there own payment app(which via the Amex Serve card can be linked to any bank, debit or credit just like google wallet is now, but im not sure there is a fee.

i myself living in australia i hope to see NFC payments in the upcoming iphone, also as fas as bonus cashback goes i think it would be smart for citi to offer a bonus cashback card other then there current "thankyou" rewards

Verizon has no choice. Apple holds all the cards. No Passbook. No iPhone. Google doesn't have the balls to force Wallet on all as a system app. They could easily say "No Wallet. No Google branding." They won't. Google is all about "open" carrier whims.

Verizon has no choice. Apple holds all the cards. No Passbook. No iPhone. Google doesn't have the balls to force Wallet on all as a system app. They could easily say "No Wallet. No Google branding." They won't. Google is all about "open" carrier whims.

This DOES works on my VZW Galaxy Nexus for some reason. I had the hacked version of Google Wallet on my standard Galaxy Nexus with no root. I downloaded it to my Nexus 7 then went to my phone, saw the update and boom, works flawlessly. Anyone else get lucky?


Checked for a OS software update (About Device/Software Update. Went to My Apps in the Play Store and had an update for Google Wallet. Updated the app, cleared the data (in the application manager, powered down the phone and restarted it.

Not supported!!!!! damn you AT&T!!!!

Im on a stock (unrooted) AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3

Direct download to the APK for the new version. Just download, and use a file manger (or even dropbox...) to open the APK. Worked great for me.

Stock Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

Damn, I still can't get beyond the start-up screen due to the "secure element" not working. I would REALLY like to jump on board the Wallet train again now that it's opened up.

I wish there was a way to fix it...

I still have issues using this at stores. Keeps saying the payment may not have been processed. I have only tried 7/11's but still no dice.

Did Google include a $10 credit with the purchase of the nexus 7 or is it just a $10 credit when you sign up for google wallet i'm asking because when i purchased my G3 from Amazon I got a $10 credit when i setup google wallet. After which i purchased a 16 gig nexus 7 from staples an earlier poster said he received a $10 credit when he purchased his nexus 7 so shouldn't i have $20 in wallet funds?
Also amazon said i would get another $30 in wallet funds after a period of time but sent me no other info on how or when i would receive it. Anyone buy G3 from amazon and get the same offer? I'm not holding my breath on the extra 30 bucks.

You only get $10 one time when you activate your Google Wallet account. I was hoping for the same thing, but that's not the case.

It is $10 per device and the amount do not add cannot combine them to make $20. If you buy a phone you get $10 and if you buy a nexus 7 you get an additional but separate $10. I just did it using the exact same email address on my evo 4g lte and my nexus 7. You will have to pay using your tablet for that $10. It's too bad because I feel like I look stupid paying with my tablet at a vending machine here at work that accepts google wallet.

Does anyone know if NFC on the Nexus 7 works through the folio case? I don't really want to try it and then look like an idiot if it doesn't. Haha

Another USA exclusive...

What is wrong with Google? Up here in Canada, we are way ahead in adopting electronic payments. Mobile payments would take off quite easily. We've been quick to adopt contactless payments. In fact, Canada is quickly moving towards contactless debit (Interac) payments as well. Europe and parts of Asia (Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.) are even further ahead. But Google insists on launching in a country full of virtual luddites. Most Americans still swipe their cards. Not even chip and pin.

They could capture a global market. Instead, they'll let Isis eat their lunch at home and Apple and other carriers or Paypal eat their lunch abroad.

Sometimes, I think Google deserves to fail.

I'm more mad as an Android fan for Google's laziness and inconsistency, than I am as a Canadian for missing out.

Guess what? When Apple gets iOS6 on 200 million iPhones, there will be more iOS Passbook users in America than Google has. And worldwide, it'll be no contest. And whenever Apple adds NFC, it'll be game over. The world will then adopt Apple's mobile payments as the standard.

As for government regs, tell me what would stop them. How is this any different than Visa or Mastercards being used in Canada? And anybody who has a Wallet equipped phone will tell you that Wallet works quite well in Canada using Mastercard Paypass, which are quite common up here.

+1 , even if its only available where google sells there "Google Wallet" phones outright on google play(which includes Australia plus some others) because not everyone around the world buy there phone from a carrier because that way google has control of the NFC secure element

I have a feeling Apple is going to take this. When iOS6 rolls out, there will be more Passbook users than Google Wallet will have in the next 2-3 years. Guess who the payment standards are going to revolve around?

i agree but im not sure what you mean about payment standards, if you mean google vitural mobile card which is a mastercard paypass card apple will most likley choose Mastercard as well or Visa paywave , Amex isnt accepted as much outside the US, but i do believe that more people will be paying with there mobile wallet with apple in the next 2 to 3 years then google wallet(and include pay with isis joint verture between verizon, at&t and t-mobile) but after a couple of years who knows whats the number 1 payment app will be(when compared to % of devices to phones), i,e apple iphone wallet vs pay with isis or google wallet but i think for a long time apple payment app will be number 1

come on google, let us UK'ers add funds to the google card from a UK bank.... it works here in england but after your initial $10 we're screwed. Just flick that switch and SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! This is your chance to just get the entire wireless payment thing down in england. Why the wait? Fuck the banks, they just want a piece of the pie that you have forged. Let us add prepaid funds, and then when the time finally comes, let us enter our cards with UK adresses too. You know it makes sense :)

I just updated Google Wallet on my EVO 4G LTE. Opened it and was presented with a very long EULA type subscriber agreement. Now I'm an IT Security Engineer as my day job so I actually read thru the whole thing. It scared me. I hit the back button and exited the app. I'm not agreeing to some of the things in that document.

There was all the usual stuff about sharing info about you and your activities with partners for advertising/offers/etc and other profit making purposes. That I expected. But the agreement pretty much removed any rights the individual may have thought he had while explicitly retaining Google's rights to do anything. The only thing they couldn't take away was the customer's rights and obligations to the actual card issuers.

The indemnity clause goes away beyond the usual disclaimer of liability and requires the individual to not only hold Google harmless, but to defend Google in any action. This means you will pay Google's legal costs, even if someone else sues Google. I don't know about most of the people using Google Wallet, but my pockets are not as deep as Google's!

Just the size of the agreement is daunting. The lawyers must have put in overtime on this one!

I would think they work like any credit card credit. The person at the register initiates the credit, then you use your Google Wallet and the credit goes to it.

I guess you have to be with Sprint or have the unlocked Galaxy Nexus phones to use this. Come on Google, your message "This app is compatible with your Galaxy S III." is misleading seeing that once you try to open it you get an error message "Google wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network.

At&T + GN + Amex =Works perfectly... :)Had to quickly switch from Google's gift card(Used up the $10) to Amex to finish the purchase.

I did the market link trick a few months ago and managed to get it installed on my stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus and while it is blocked from being displayed in my installed apps section it still updates from all apps section. Another time after that having reset my phone to stock, locked and non rooted where I simply cleared the Play Stores data and boom no more unsupported device banner and no side loading which I can totally understand peoples worries given the sensitivity of the info on the phone and Android total open awesomeness where if you download from a unreliable website it could potentially have programming to steal your credit card or bank card info. Any way this was an awesome update and have already used my bank card through my phone a few times now if only I could accept money from other NFC devices on Google Wallet that would be the next step in my opinion.

I have a Play store GNex on T-Mobile and a Nexus 7 (both rooted). Something must be funky with my account as I can't find it on the play store. It's installed, but I can't find it anywhere in the play My apps screen (either in installed or all).

I did however, find a link to the Wallet app on the play store which allowed me to push the update to both devices. Before I pushed it the app registered as installed on the wallet I don't know why my play account refuses to let me see it. After the update both devices show the app in the "all" category under Play My Apps...not the installed tab.

I figure all this bs is due to Google's handling of exclusives and such...wish they would have just pushed it out like a normal app with restrictions like all apps have...they clearly didn't and that screwed up my install.

for those with this problem here's the play store link:

Have an LG p690f had been quite happily downloading games frm plastered purchased or free.. but now its asking for a purchase pin i dnt remember setting one??? so trying to avoid doing a hard reset wat can i do help please