Google Translate

Although Google has been constantly updating their apps on what is seemingly a more then average frequency as of late, one app left behind for quite some time now has been Google Translate. That said; Google has now gone ahead and given translate some love by adding the Holo theme to the mix and bringing in more in line with their rest of their Ice Cream Sandwich looking apps. In addition to the updated looks, folks are also getting additional text to speech language support including Esperanto.


Reader comments

Google Translate for Android receives ICS makeover and additional text-to-speech languages


Hmm... That's weird, when I was learning French, Glacee was "Ice Cream". I wonder why they had to add creme to the translation...

Anyone know if there's an option somewhere for Bulgarian TTS? I'm planning on moving there next year so I've started learning some basic Bulgarian, but it seems I'm out of luck with text-to-speech options. I even bought an English-Bulgarian dictionary for Android that claimed to have TTS, but TTS is not working (well, it's working for English, but that's sort of pointless).