The Android Market may soon be getting a pretty big boost -- from online payment system PayPal. The Street reports that a deal is in the works and may be announced as early as Oct. 26 at PayPal's developer conference in San Francisco to bring PayPal to Android app purchases.

That would help bolster one the bigger barriers to entry to the Android Market -- having your credit card information in Google Checkout. Though it's not exactly a hassle to set up, certainly more of us are already hooked into (and familiar) with PayPal. [The Street]


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Google reportedly close to implementing PayPal for Android Market purchases


I want absolutely nothing to do with PayPal.

sold something on ebay, customer claimed he didnt get the package. So PayPal reinbursed them directly from my checking account, despite the fact that, i had the tracking and even signature from that person.

I'm right there with you except in my case I sold someone on eBay, found out (from PayPal) 3 months later that it was purchased with a fraudulent credit card. They gave me a couple weeks to provide them the tracking number (which was impossible since it was 3 months later & I threw it away)...and since I couldn't provide the tracking number, they (what I classify as theft) withdrew the money from my account to pay back the person who had his card stolen.

F*ck Paypal...seriously. There is nothing wrong with Google Checkout & I don't get why people have such an aversion to using it or making it seem like buying stuff on the Android Market is a hassle...b/c it isn't.

/end rant

Been there. They will totally screw over the seller in a second based on no proof about anything.

I for one cannot wait for this as I don't like having a bunch of small charges on my credit card to purchase apps.

I also use paypal to get money from a few sites ( which i can use for apps or to give money to developers as I didn't really earn this money I don't mind donating it to worthy products.

What I hope will be my benefit is that I will be able to purchase apps from outside the US. When trying to purchase Beautiful Widgets I discovered my bank card does not allow it, if this resolves that then it will be a good thing.

I cannot wait for PayPal purchases to come to the Market. Many credit unions/banks will not allow debit card purchases in foreign currencies. This is keeping me from buying lots of software that I really want to. Can't come soon enough.

With all the reports of PayPal withholding funds for "investigations" and giving incorrect refunds, I'd be curious to see how many developers would jump on board with PayPal.

It will simply be another option for purchasing an app. I can't see them saying it will be this instead of google checkout.

If Google becomes the funds recipient and then Google pays the developers I don't see the devs having a thing to say about it.

Here's a true story. My paypal account was linked to my bank account (The only place where I had specified my bank a/c details). Last month I found out that there were two debit transactions on my checking account - one from iTunes for $500 and another international transaction for $800. This is BS. Paypal is not at all secure. I immediately removed all Bank a/c info from paypal and it took me nearly a month to fight this shit out and get my money back. I would never ever trust pay pal.

I hope it's just another option and not replacing Google checkout. Because if it's replacing Google Checkout I will no longer be purchasing paid apps off the marketplace. Under no circumstances will I ever use Paypal. I'd sooner trust my banking info to one of those people you see selling bootleg DvDs on the street corner before I'd trust it to Paypal.

I've known both friends and family both that have had nothing but trouble with Paypal ranging from Paypal giving refunds that weren't warranted all the way to unauthorized purchases from their account made from places like China. One of these people had to go as far as shutting down their checking account in order to keep Paypal from continuing to take money from it.

Bottom Line is simply Paypal can not and should not under any circumstances be trusted.

Hey, I don't care what they do, as long as I can make purchases with my Apps for Domains account. I found it absolutely absurd that I had to dig up my ancient that I use only for spam and link it to my phone just to make purchases from the market.

Lack of support for apps for domains customers is really annoying.

Google checkout is great.. use it for business... never had a problem.. Psypal on the other hand, that's another story.. I have had more issues with paypal and their bs.. I am looking at no longer offering it as a payment method on my site. They act as a bank, but are not a bank and therefore do not have to abide by the rules of one. Take it from experience.. at any time, Paypal can freeze your funds for 180 days or more for whatever reason they come up with and see what you can do about it! No thanks.. I realy dont feel safe trusting my money to them. Google should stay Google... maybe offer more Paypal like options of their own, such as keeping a balance in your account. Ebay/Paypal suck as a company......

PayPal is the devil- I don't like someone else having access to or control over my money, take fees for this and that, do whatever they please and take forever to remedy or address an issue.

I wish more places used Google Checkout.

LOL.... wow could you be more uneducated on the PayPal service???

I am a merchant that uses PayPal as a processor, if you follow their user agreement and their seller protection guidelines set forth, you probably wouldn't have lost your money. BESIDES... PayPal cannot legally debit your bank account or financials unless you have given them or eBay authorization to recoup from you... but of course... you chose to be a seller without reading anything... kudos to you intelligent businessmen...

Google, PLEASE let it happen, I don't like putting my CC all over the net especially with google checkout. I had something happen with Google checkout last week where it was charging me once a day.

I've been with Paypal since 1999 or so, never once had problems with them.

I really hope this is only an extra option over and above Google Checkout, otherwise I forsee Paypal charging conversion fees for everything not in your native currency (they'll probably just load it into the exchange rate). Given my credit card specifically doesn't charge any sort of fee on foreign transactions this would be detrimental to me.