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If you fire up your Google Play app this morning and things look a little more awesome, don't be alarmed. It's just that you're now rocking the same version as the folks running Jelly Bean ROMs. And that means, along with a spruced-up layout, you also should have access to Magazines (if you didn't already).

You don't have to do anything to get the update -- it'll push out to your phone in due time. So sit back, relax and marvel at how far we've come since the old days of the Android Market.

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Google Play update rolling out to non-Jelly Bean devices


I got a notification either earlier this morning or last night from Lookout stating Google Play was safe, and I was a little confused. Now I understand why. Awesome.

Although it's visually appealling, business model for TV is too Applesque... much prefer Netflix model. Monthly subscription with all you can eat viewing versus (Ughh) having to buy individual episodes... or inflated "seasons"... one at a time.

Even Netflix's big snafu last year couldn't bring them down.

I got updated to 3.7.13 -- previously I had 3.5.12 or something close.
I still don't see any difference. :(

I have the new update of the Store but no magazines for my Country :(
P.S -> My country is Portugal and my phone is Galaxy S3

so will I be able to read magazine subscriptions on other Android devices that are tied to my Google account? $10.99 for an annual subscription to Maximum PC is not bad at all.

I have 3.7.13 but I am not seeing the Smart App Update working. It still re-downloads the full apps. Anyone see Smart App Update working?