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The list: Google's 25-cent app promotion


Love this game! Wanted to see what it was like but there's no free trial version, so glad I got it today for 0.25! Woohoo!

I had tHat issue too, there was a new "agree to new policy agreement" checkbox below. Check it and the purchase button will undim.

aside from games... what about the movies/books/music.. im curious to see what they are offering on the cheap.

Bought Asphalt 7 but don't bother trying to download it right now. I'm on my office wireless which runs off of a 100mg pipe and its VERY slow.

He was correct. It shows as $0.25 in the list view but $3.99 in the actual app details page. When you go to checkout it goes back to $0.25 on the payment confirmation page. (My test was online through the browser, not on the phone through the play store app).

i just bought runtastic pro as well. i'm a sucker for sport tracking programs, and this one seems great.

Looks like The Cat in the Hat was all that was missed and London Bus Checker must have already been $0.25?

more will be added. the graphic on the play store homepage shows Where's my Perry? and Paper Camera and Flick Golf which are not currently listed.

Beautiful Widgets is mentioned, but it's still $2.79 in the Play Store weather I view it on my phone or on my desktop.

not cheap. been buying lots of apps on my ipad and even from the amazon appstore for me android devices.. play market and google just hasnt been that exciting for me.

I'm thinking the list either isn't complete or will be updated daily. The original article mentioned EA Games and none of those are from them.

From their twitter account...looks like their should be new apps everyday.
Google Play @Googleplay 9m
#25billion app downloads on Google Play! For the next 5 days we’ll be offering apps for 0.25c only. New apps every day:

I think the sale will be various apps going on sale for the next 5 days.

Not sure if apps on sale today will still be available for $.25 over the full 5 days.

Could you, you know, have the list in chronological order (based on when it's added to the list) instead of alphabetical? That way when I refresh the page I can easily see what's added since I last looked.

I have a webOS Touchpad with Android dual booted and don't have my Android phone yet. I am passing down my iPhone 4s to one of my kids and getting the Galaxy Nexus Note 2 mid November.

Can I purchase on Google Play, or on my TP, or both and download the app I buy now to my new Note 2 when I get it?

Thanks everyone for your help! :)

Yes you can if they're compatible. I bought a nexus 7 and I was able to install all the previous apps I had already purchased on my Galaxy Player.

IDK about the TP, but if you buy them with your Google account, you can download them to any device that is registered to that account. You should be good to go.

also you can buy if from website and when you buy your Note 2 it will be available for download.

i just bought and installed OfficeSuite Pro 6+. very impressed with it so far vs. Docs To Go Full which i bought some time ago for $15.

just like Docs To Go Full, OfficeSuite Pro 6+ can open MS Office 2007+ Documents with Passwords and strong encryption which is HUGE. it presents Excel and Word Docs very well and the UI is nice.

this is a bargain at 25 cents!

highly recommend!

Is it wrong to make my own app $.25 to get in on this sale? lol...

Oh, nevermind I forgot there's a minimum price of $0.99

I lowered the price of my music player, Hive Player to $1.25 from $2.99 for this sale if anyone is interested.

Perfectly coincides with the $25 Play Store credit I got for buying my Nexus 7 last week. Loving it.

Does anyone have any input regarding Kingsoft Office vs OfficeSuite Pro6 that's part of this sale? I know it's only .25 but I want to make a good recommendation for someone who would very much benefit from a hassle free and extensive office solution?

see my post above. OfficeSuite Pro 6+ is great. it's been able to handle everything i've thrown at it so far and i have some pretty complex Excel/Word Docs.

Yeah some of those are questionable but some are real good. The Roots, The Supremes, John Coltrane, Daft Punk, D'Angelo, Weezer's blue album, Patsy Cline, Doggystyle, Stevie Wonder, Kraftwerk, Public Enemy, and The Beach Boys are all great purchases. Some of the other ones I could definitely do without.

Tha Carter III was an incredibly well received album when it came out. His albums since then have been nowhere near as good as that was.

I can see Coltrane listed as an Artist (Album) that changed the world but Drake? Really google, a kid that made his name from the DeGrassi High TV show is now changing the world with his music? Think not. I'd be surprised if he even writes his own material.

Would SlingPlayer HD tablet be asking to much? Those rat bastards have gotten enough out out me but I still want more!

OfficeSuite Pro 6 and Task :) So happy that OfficeSuite was included in the sale, was going to buy it once my trail ended in like 4 days lol

On the forums someone mentioned the list of apps will change daily for 5 days, but I didn't see anything like that on the Play announcement. And the apps that were posted as comments yesterday are still on sale today.

Nothing that really interests me. (Oh, by the way. Asphalt 7: Heat is on sale. In case anyone missed that.)

Why are there inline comments from "Ads from Google?" What next, "GoogleAds" user in the forums randomly updating threads so you click to see new posts and find an ad instead? $FAIL

In the past, when Google has run special sales such as this, the selection changed daily (with most of the apps & games offered over the first 4 days being offered again on day 5). This is probably why people are saying that. It is expected, based on Google's history.

I know that SwiftKey 3 is now on sale for $0.25, but Google has yet to update the sale page with anything new.

The Play Store links are never updated at midnight. They're usually updated mid day during their normal weekly sales (and even then they're updated on Wednesday or Thursday). I expect the same to happen today. We probably won't seen all new lists until later this afternoon.

I remember there being a way to search for all apps that are a certain price. Anyone remember how to do that?

Nice. Wish some of the other alarm clocks would go on sale, but I'll bit this time and give this a try. Don't much care how "beautiful" it is - just need it to work and work well.

BAH! As I feared it doesn't have an option to limit the number of snoozes or have the snooze time decrease each use or even select different fade-in/vibrate/screen options for individual alarms. Can't force the alarm through the speaker. Not enough options that others have (Gentle, Extreme, Plus) too bad - even at $.25 I can't use it. Pretty though - wish they could just duplicate the functionality of other alarms.

I use Alarm clock Extreme currently, but I've used Gentle Alarm as well - these in-depth options make all the difference - different ways to snooze other options I mentioned that I've become dependent on.

Paper Camera
SwiftKey 3 Keyboard
World of Goo
SketchBook Mobile
Cut the Rope: Experiments
Mini Motor Racing
Dungeon Village
doubleTwist Alarm Clock

Flick Nations Rugby
Shark Dash
The Going to Bed Book

The page is updated @ Play so I think that's all of them

I bought Asphalt 5 from Gameloft and I still can't download the additional content. It's too bad because I like their games but I don't know if I can trust them.

i bought it at full price, great app, even bought the tablet version, i used swype before this, but love how it learns how you type. five stars from me.

Same here. I bought the phone version a while back at the last 25 cent sale but love it so much, I eventually ended up buying the tablet version, too.

Don't add to the list. Retire yesterday's offerings and announce the new ones. Yesterday's choices are (probably) back to full price.