Google: The Playground is Open

Fresh in our inbox: An invite to an Oct. 29 event in New York City. "The playground is open," Google says.

The general consensus is that we'll see some sort of new Nexus device. Maybe several. At the very least, that LG guy that's been floating around. Maybe something from Sony. Me? I think Google's got something up its sleeve.

We'll see you there at 10 a.m. Eastern on Oct. 29. And you're coming with us. Google's streaming the event at

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L0rDKadaj says:

Perfect. Will be watching that.

I finally sold my A500 so I could get a Nexus 7. This waiting for the 32GB model is TOUGH!!!

jian9007 says:

Oh yeah. Official announcement. Has to be Nexus related, right? Right!? Andy Rubin will already be in New York for Dive into Mobile so we're definitely getting Nexus news. I'm excited now, since it's a formal event/announcement.

Although if I don't hear some sort of Nexus announcement between this event and Dive into Mobile, I'm flying to New York and kicking Andy Rubin right in his gentleman's luggage with a steel-toed boot. ;-)

TauSigmaNova says:

Or just tell me! I already live here and will be more than glad to kick him twice for that :P

mathematiker says:

Nexus 4 phone
Nexus 7 32GB for $249 (This is probably a reaction to the upcoming iPad Mini)

Low low end Nexus 7 for $99 (I don't really see a point for such a device but it may happen)

HTC, Sony, Motorola Nexus phones (This old rumor will probably be proven wrong unfortunately)

Absolute uncertainty:
The return of Nexus Q (I would love to see the Q back but I don't know what's happening on that front)

GQ50 says:

Man, I would love it to be the Nexus 7 32gig and the Nexus Q(improved/updated).

TheNexusMan says:

I say all of the above with an addition...possibly the Nexus Q re-imagined as a new and improved Google TV with Voice Search?

HedonismBot says:

I got a logitech gtv for the parents last year when its price dropped. While they like being able to use Netflix, YouTube, and Chrome on the TV, the hardware is aging. I'd like to get them a Q++, but if the Google TV situation doesn't improve soon it's going to be a Roku instead.

joebob2000 says:

Why no LTE Nexus 7? Is the implication that your Nexus 7 always should be right next to your shiny Nexus phone (with tethering ready and waiting)?

supern0va#AC says:

no, the implication is that your Nexus 7 should be carrier-free, and surfing lte spectrum without carrier support is highly unlikely at this point.

jshamoon says:

Google Play announcement for sure.

return_0 says:


santacruz says:

lol playground.. either its a pun at apple as a open bully invitation to come to a fight, 4 o'clock, playground.. or they got themselves a basket of devices and a new os to announce to thorn apple with.. hmmmmm

return_0 says:

You must have been hiding under a rock when the Nexus 7 was announced… because you don't get it at all.

callofduty4 says:

So where are the leaks?

cGmC11 says:

Google will surprise me with a HTC J Butterfly Nexus?

Mr.Froyo says:

keep dreaming.

kbuno50 says:

With an additional battery RAZR MAXX style :D

Sh3ngLong says:

That would be my kind of playground.

blackroseMD1 says:

I would give my GS3 and left arm for that.

Well, maybe not my arm, but my GS3 and lots of money.

HedonismBot says:

Just one problem with that: hardware capacitive buttons.

Fuzzypaws says:

...are better than on screen buttons because they don't eat up screen real estate. But in any event, we've seen any number of other phones appear on either side of the ocean in different versions, some with capacitive some with onscreen.

cozzy123 says:

Why do people repeatedly say this. Having on screen buttons allows for a bigger screen to be put onto a phone. Also for any media that matters like movies and video games those buttons disappear and you get the full screen.

Plus onscreen buttons are way cooler. No gargantuan home button nipple can compete.

zorak950 says:

The tagline leads me to think they'll be talking a lot about the Play Store and their other Play-stuff. Or maybe they're extending their Play branding /to/ the "Nexus" line? Nah... >.>

Mobius360 says:

The new LG Play Phone. R.I.P. Nexus branding, haha.

Looking forward to this one.

solstoned says:


Orion78 says:

Hopefully Google announces multiple Nexus devices..... hopefully.

Shadowriver says:

Maybe LG Nexus won't be so bad as people think :p

Orion78 says:

Yeah that's cool but still hoping for more Nexus phones. :)

15israellai says:

I'm against that. Focused development is better.

moosc says:

What's so amazing about Google is they'll b streaming live. Not like some other sour apple.

still1 says:

thats Google!!!! love them.


Look for google wallet announcement with ISIS going official this month and the prepaid cards ending.

Menno says:

The playground.. the NEXUS playground? maybe everybody will get a chance in the pool.

one80oneday says:

LG Nexus 4, HTC Nexus 5, 32GB Nexus 7 and $99 8GB Nexus 7

John-Smith says:

You got 2 out of 4 right...

lol $99 8gb Nexus 7.. You do realize the N7 came out just over 3 months ago.. They will not be dropping the price $100..

HAAS599 says:

Maybe Google has a deal with a carrier that will drop the price to $99 with a two-year contract.

Maybe they will also talk about google assistant

dandroid4g says:

My body is ready!!!

smooth3006 says:

my senses smell more fragmentation coming as i bet they will release key lime pie.

a bit too early... begining for next year

brentonang says:

The playground is open? Hmm, is that a sign that they're letting other kids into the Nexus foray, that is, letting other manufacturers make their own Nexus devices which in turn leads to multiple Nexus devices? Yes, riddle solved, do I win the internet?

Sh3ngLong says:

I was thinking about getting the Note 2 on launch day for Sprint.

Now I think I'm going to wait a bit and see what other surprises Google has in store for us.

jrwatson says:

Guessing they'll "unveil" the 32GB Nexus 7, among other things?

I'm curious as to whether they're retiring the 16GB, or if it'll just be a few bucks cheaper. I can't think of many people who would pay $225 for a 16GB, but wouldn't spend the extra $25 for a 32GB.

I don't care what it is, just happy something is going on, LOL.

Can't believe I'm such a fanboy now, LOL.

netstars22 says:

So, 1 week until Note 2 announcement, and 5 days later, this? I am so glad to have an upgrade in November. (hums "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year")

Crap... Google forgot to invite me... AGAIN... its okay.. i live in nyc... ill find a way in...

Mac58 says:


Mooem says:

I hope it's a certain HTC device with a 1080p screen and LTE under that sleeve. Man what a hot ticket item that would be...

Sh3ngLong says:

Watch, at the end of the event, Google is going to give away free HTC J Butterflies to all the attendees. :P

TauSigmaNova says:

I wish I had an invitation,I live 5 minutes away from Manhattan (Brooklyn woot!) and would love to attend just to see the announcement!

im in brooklyn too.. come with me.. we'll sneak in...

dtreo says:

Probably to announce that Google is buying Palm from HP.

High five?! No? Okay. But that would be straight up tech hilarity.

bvm1987 says:

My bets are on either a Google Now update, and/or the google wifi system going live...

NYC Dude says:

I'll be following as I typically do for the the major tech presentations. Hopefully Google figures out that since they are an American company they should be selling the unlocked version of the nexus here during the initial release. So people who want a unlocked version can purchase one with a US warranty.

XChrisX says:

If the HTC NEXUS J BUTTERFLY gets announced, goodbye GS3!

Wreckus says:

Maybe Google Now will become an app in the play store that enable devices with ICS able to use. Highly unlikely but never know.

badkitties says:


perhaps a new Android device aimed at kids? get them hooked on Google/Android at an
early age?

nhuth says:

To me, looks like multiple Nexus devices upcoming. When have you seen just one kid playing in a "playground"?

GMC MaXx says:

When Apple is being the playground bully and the other kids are afraid of getting beat-up.

Nexus 4 by LG
32GB Nexus 7
Nexus 7 cellular.
Nexus 10 in wifi and cellular variants
Android 4.2 still called jellybean
Some sort of Google Play enhancements and probably some new markets.

supa_dupa says:

All I want is HTC Nexus 5 in J Butterfly style...

@phil where in nyc is this event going to be exactly????

dtreo says:

If Google wanted you to attend, you wouldn't need to ask. Sharpen those networking skills! :)

reda115 says:

My wishful guess given the Google Now screen in the invite is that they're opening GN into the full voice assistant rumored with Majel, as a part of 4.2.

GMC MaXx says:

Oh yes, this plus a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My nexus 7 is ready for the update. Let's go!

i am hoping for a 4.2 nexus note type thing.

TenshiNo says:

If I had to venture a guess, judging from the background pic and the way this graphic is laid out, the world is the "playground". LG Nexus seems really plausible, considering all the recent leaks, but I'd guess between the "world" metaphor and the Google search bar this will have something to do with Google Now. Maybe we will see Key Lime Pie with some crazy new updates to Google Now?

batrad says:

anyone have an extra invite ? Would love to attend in person

Appreciate a DM


Yeah, I'll be watching that. Here's hoping for a slow day at work. I'm itching to see what Nexus and other devices they announce. Apple, enjoy your week in the sun. Come the 29th, I get the feeling Google will be taking taking all of the oxygen on all the tech blogs.

supsk187 says:

They will announce the Sammy Nexus 10, LG Nexus 4, AND the HTC Nexus 5 exclusively on VZW!! haha. If HTC makes a Nexus based on the Butterfly J I hope VZW would get one.

Well , guys check out this article about 4.2 , has some pretty good insight into what it could have -

mathiasjk says:

Just a thougth: 4 buildings and 2 peaks on the bridge = Android 4.2

drewsammie says:

very excited