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Google is gradually building out its apps portfolio for non-Android platforms, notably iOS. In recent months -- and since being pulled from the platform at OS level -- we've seen Google release dedicated YouTube, GMail and now Maps applications for Apple's mobile OS. But, what about Windows? Windows Phone 8 is gathering momentum, and Windows 8 will eventually be on billions of machines worldwide, or so you'd think, surely the next investment of time for Google? 

Not so, it seems. Clay Bavor, a Google Product Manager, went on record speaking to V3 about where the future may lie for Google expanding their apps to the latest Windows platforms: 

We have no plans to build out Windows apps. We are very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8. If that changes, we would invest there, of course

Ouch. It all makes perfect business sense of course, if there's no market, Google wouldn't target it. Both platforms are in their infancy, and we'd expect -- from Windows 8 especially -- increased user numbers to come with time. But, we all know the best way to get the best Google experience on our devices, right? 

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Google reportedly not keen on building out apps for Windows


Wonder how the feel about BB10? Should be easier to do since they just have to port over the Android versions to .bar files.

It better be there as that will be my next phone. I'm not going to buy a phone based on what platform Google decides to support. If they think I'm going to buy an Android so they can spy on my every task, think again.

It better be there? Why? Why would they care what you think, if that's your attitude toward them? And if you think the other OSes don't spy on you, well... you'd better stick with a dumb phone from 1992.

Let Windows 8 and its ugly Metro interface die. MS needs to stick to desktop OSes and leave the mobile stuff to Google and Apple.

That's the most ignorant thing you could of said. Microsoft brings competition, and with that comes innovation, from all companies including Apple and Google.

I don't care for windows mobile, at all, but the new MS surface tablet looks very sharp. It almost came down to an N7 or a window surface tablet, but the N7 was cheaper, couldn't afford the N 10 by samsung now, is very nice for its size, and I'm heavily invested in apps in the Play market, makes no sense to buy the same apps over again in the windows app market. Maybe one day devs and the mobile market will have a way of recognizing the purchase of apps across platforms for seamless transfers between devices with different os. But I don't think windows is anywhere near to catching up with ios or Android, since android has over 60% of the market with its os, I think Google's own Schmidt said Android is like 70-75% of the market combined.

haaaah windows phone! such a pieace of ***** hahah i had the HD7 and im so glaaaad that i got rid of it and bought an Android device :)

While I agree a lot of users will end up on Windows 8 (reluctantly in a lot of cases) I don't think Windows Phone will take off. iOS and Android are the two big players now.

Windows could gain traction by Windows Phone 9 or 10. MS is really good at tweaking and tweaking until they hit on something appealing. Look at the XBOX 360 as an example.

I have a windows phone and an android phone and to be honest I prefer the windows phone for a few things. It is a quicker operating system. And that is comparing a high end android phone to a mid ranged windows phone. Google has a point but it is the wrong decision. They should make the apps any way. Show that they are the best. Cause if not I will just use their competition.

this..! I too really like how the Windows phone has a nice polish to it. If they had entered the market about two years ago, we would have three major mobile platforms instead of two.

Window 8 RT i agree, but Windows 8 desktop will succeed, and indeed is. Not releasing x86/x64 apps is short-sighted.

Nah, it'll be another Vista. They'll learn from their mistakes, and Windows 9 will be like 7 in that it's a bunch of fixes for the horribleness that is 8. This is their experimental OS. The next one will be their money making OS. They've been doing this since ME at least.

Windows 8 Desktop does not need special versions. All the existing Google Windows software works fine. There is no point what so ever in Google releasing anything specific to Win8 desktop. Save for Windows Surface Pro (which runs x86 binaries).

So that part being covered,.....

Why not throw a few apps out there in the Windows RT market?
Two developers in some back office can get the major Google apps up on RT in a few days. Maps, Gmail, maybe even Music and Books. RT won't be a big seller for several years, but so what? The cost is small.

They probably just don't want to waste time on a platform that will die. Not to say window's 8 won't survive but I think they learned there lesson from Web OS.

Windows 8 is a total disaster, both desktop and mobile. It's got nothing in the way of marketshare, and there is no reason to target it for developement.

Nokia are dead in the water, and heading to Android pretty soon, mark my words....

I'm marking your words as ignorant. To say windows 8 has nothing in its way of market share is just dumb. Thank god developers don't think this way, as most companies are already seeing 25,000 $ in revenue from the top 10 selling apps. To ignore the 40 million windows 8 upgrades in its first month is ignorant. I have my Evo LTE by my side so don't judge me as bias, I know what google offers.

The title of this article is really misleading. Google is just fine with building apps for Windows Phones, but not enough users have that platform yet. As soon as it picks up momentum, the great Google apps will come.

All arguments aside Google does not need to build windows 8 apps for the PC. On a PC Google uses the browser, just like on windows 7. If windows 8 mobile takes off then they will build apps for the mobile platform. Google on PC's live on the browser. Chrome is already there.

As a Windows 8 user I'm worthy enough to be invested in? Well, I can just take my service usage to Microsoft. Google just isn't worth "investing" in for me anymore.

You and the other 8 people on Windows phone will be sorely missed by the millions and millions of Apple/Android users.

He's got a point. Like many have said Windows on mobile is far from market penetrating. From what I've seen from the ugly Windows 8, I doubt Windows OS on mobile will make a dent in the iOS and Android market.

Just buy an Android phone and put a windows 8 launcher on it and voila- no problem. Gosh I would hate to have to use internet explorer and hotmail LOL

No file manager, in fact they don't even acknowledge files exist.

I prefer my choice of launcher, keyboard, camera, messaging app, email app, etc...instead of what you're forced to use on a wp8 device. Ppl say wp8 has so many new features, but what can they possibly be thinking of? Pureview camera? well that's sort of a Nokia think, not a WP8 thing... Nm, I'm done with this-

Dang!! Google is treating Windows like it was WebOS. Now that right there is funny... I don't care who y'are....that's funny!!

Throw me a CyanogenMod 13 on a Window's phone to look like Vanilla Android. Then I may consider a Windows 8 phone.

This is foolish. Windows phone I get, but Windows 8? No, NO, this is a mistake. It is only a matter of time before Windows 8 becomes the standard. The UI is clean, and not to mention Windows owns more then 95% of the Computer industry.