Google Music

Google Music has been updated to version 4.1.512, bringing fixes to shuffle mode and fixes for folks using multiple Google accounts.  The update looks to be across the board for all devices running Android 2.2 or higher, so be sure to check and see if your copy is up-to-date.  We love Google Music around here, and on devices without removable storage it's a life saver.  Hit the break for the download link if you haven't given it a try yet.




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Google Music updated in Android Market, fixes bugs in shuffling songs and multiple accounts


The update would not appear in the market app on my Nexus One, but showed up on the Honeycomb tablet.

I used the web based market to send it to the nexus and that seemed to work.

My only problem with GM to date are

1)the inconsistent handling of the back key, dumping you right out of the app from places where you should have been able to go to a prior level/page.

2)Music, local music, simply stops playing for no obvious reason occasionally.

3) It will occasionally just disappear from the status area while playing.

Other than that its been fantastic. All my music purchases and CD rips go direct to my Google Upload directory. Then I have them everywhere.

How about album art on the music widget.... I do not understand why I still get the album art on my updated XOOM (Running ICS) but still nothing on my Galaxy Nexus? Minor inconvenience. More puzzling than any thing.

Widget? Gah, I never knew it had a widget. But I see it does.

My guess is that you don't need album art on something that is in your pocket.

You can just go to the website and set your own album art.
There are a lot of albums that were released with different art in different markets.

@icebike... Its not just in ur pocket, it's also in ur car being used as an mp3 player. Album art is very important sometimes.

If you're paying too much attention to the Album Art, then you're not paying attention to the road....

Widget update, some kind of equalizer (or further sound control settings), maybe even some UI freshening-up... I love Google Music, but if they want to play with the big boys (Apple) this app has to be KILLER.

What's the story with where Google stores the music you select for "Make available offline?"

I selected about 15 albums for "Make available offline" and now my phone runs much slower. Does Google store the music on the phone's system memory or is it stored on the SD card?

Other than that issue, I love Google Music.

What gets me is that I can update Google Music to my hearts content of my Asus Transformer in Canada but I can't on the Galaxy Nexus. This country specific stuff just blows.

Lockscreen controls work on the Galaxy Nexus with Google Music playing. Maybe it's an ICS only thing?

Without the ability to update the tags on the songs you've uploaded, this program is eternally frustrating to use. Once it's uploaded, it's there for good. There needs to be a mechanism by which you can update the album art/id3 tag without removing all the music and uploading it all again.

P.S... All of my music without album art got the cover of "The Sopranos" soundtrack assigned to them... talk about embarrassing.

You can update the album art and ID3 tags from the website. After selecting an album, click the arrow on the bottom-right corner of the album art and then select the "Edit album info" option. You can do the same thing for each individual song as well by selecting the "Edit song info" option.

Can it sync your liked/thumbs up playlist for offline usage yet!? One of those features that would be so simple, yet so useful.

Also an option to select a track and then add it to current playlist. As well as the option to just view your current playlist!? Can't seem to find any of these

There are 2 reasons why i dont use Google Music.

1) No gapless audio. They annoying click in between songs is... annoying.

2) When the App downloads music off of the cloud it doesn't keep the info thats associated to the track.