Google Maps Update

Google released Maps version 5.4.0 today, bringing about a small list of changes from the previous 5.3.1 update.  Well, what's new in this version?  Google gives us the abilities to:

  • View your Google Maps searches in Google Web History for your account.
  • See additional business details for each search result on the map
  • Report "destination not here" in Navigation (Beta)

Enabling search history for your account could certainly come in handy for someone who let's say, typed in an address on their phone, but wants to recall the address on another device at a later date.  In other words, it basically centralizes your search history even more so you don't have to go looking all over the place for information you've already accessed.

The extra business details Google threw in for us include the star rating beneath the business name in the main map view, nice, and an aptly named "Details" section when you tap on the business for more info.  On a restaurant, for example, this adds the type of cuisine, parking, and meals served along with the year opened and neighborhood.

However, the real winner here looks to be the addition of reporting a destination that's not where Google Maps Navigation dumped you off.  This is a nice add-on seeking to improve the Navigation's accuracy even further.  If Google Maps has ever strayed me afar, I can't recall but in those rare circumstances some of us experience where something has disappeared, moved, or simply is not there/never was there, you can report it and Google will do their best to fix it.

Open up the Market on your phone and get your update on or hit up the links past the break.


Reader comments

Google Maps updated to 5.4.0


Sprint navigation works great untilled you lose data connection. Google maps works still when you lose data and it works darn good 99% of the time

Get SVOX or whatever it want the UK voice of Victoria. Something about having her tell me to exit to the right at N.W. 136th Street/East Memorial Road is just so incredibly sexy.

SVOX is worth the price. I could not stand the default robot voice on my EVO. At least with SVOX, you can have a half way decent human voice.

Maybe worth the price, but not worth the size.

At 15meg its voice file is almost larger than Google Maps.

parrott84, try GasBuddy. It's awesome for gas prices, and if you register they have weekly drawings for free gas if you report prices.

Love maps, but personally I wish they would just rip out places, latitude & navigation to separate apps. Maps keeps getting bigger and bigger and 11.5 mb (with data) is not helping my limited phone storage.

Honestly Google Maps is just OKAY. We think b/c its from google it would be the best right? WRONG!

I tested both google nav and sprint nav. Sprint nav(powered by telenav i think) always had the fastest and easiest directions. GN would make me go through neighborhoods with stop signs, slow speeds and tons of Ls, whereas sprint nav always gave me the direct and fastest route.

Another problem is GN doesnt let us cache maps correctly. I was on a trip to canada and I couldnt use it b/c of ridiculous data charges, nor could I cache map data for my particular route.

They should improve upon this first, before anything!

I beg to differ on the Sprint nav's route choosing abilities. I'm convinced that Sprint Nav hates us. If there is a crack house neighborhood, dirt road, or construction within 5 miles on either side of the route, Sprint Nav is sure to put a path through it.

It has routed me on two lane roads with heavy traffic and stop lights, where a 4 lane through-way is one block over. It will choose a washboard dirt road when a paved one would only add an extra minute. It routed me through a run-down neighborhood where I was afraid to stop at the stop signs. Please, police - pull me over and escort me out! All this and there was a freeway route that Google Nav would have used that would have gotten me there faster, safer and on better roads.

I wish they would change the voice on the navigation, I use sprint nav most of the time because the computerized voice on the Google nav is annoying.

Maybe it is just the area I live in, but Google maps has sent me to restaurant locations that are either closed or clearly never existed there multiple times. A way to report this will be nice.

First thing I do on any GPS is turn off the voice so no idea how annoying or not it is.

I will believe Google responds to map errors when I see it.

I reported this gem more than two years ago.

Still isn't fixed. You can see from my Android screen cap, the train platform in the satellite image below (just above the word 'Hawthorne') and transit directions will still send me 22 minutes down the road to the next station.

Here's a little known mapping program that shows the correct positioning of the station.

I wonder if the error reporting feature could be gamed by businesses that want to hurt their competitor? Get a map and travel to your competition's store then report it as incorrect or out of business. I wonder what verification Google performs to ensure that the person reporting the error is not acting in bad faith.

Has anybody ever noticed that sometimes you get a different voice in google maps navigation? I sometimes randomly get directions from a really realistic sounding voice for 1 or 2 directions and then it goes back to the computer sounding voice!

I think it receives some street pronunciations as MP3 files from the server. Look on your SC card - you'll probably find a few buried in a folder.


Just updated this today... anyone else notice that the maps won't pull data from the Satellite anymore?

With the last update, I think... I can use the maps easily without WIFI, I would pull all maps anywhere without an issue, now today; it needs WIFI again...

My HTC Desire doesn't have service, or contract, I use the phone just as a WIFI device...

HELP, how do I un-update? Did the update do anything to that feature?