Pool Party

Google has been rolling out an array of new services this week, most recently being their social effort, called Google+. Now it is rumored that they've been developing a photo sharing service named Pool Party.

Android has long lacked a photo sharing app that has been able to grab the masses like Instagram does on iOS. Lightbox is the most recent app to come around and is the one most likely to fill that void. However, if these rumors about Pool Party are correct, a photo sharing app from Google will likely have incredible traction.

Here is what is known about Pool Party thus far:

  • It is being developed within Google by the Slide team
  • The developers are giving a strong emphasis to group albums or 'pools' that display photos in real-time
  • It is currently in beta mode and is invite-only
  • It is listed both in the Android Market and in the iOS App Store

While it is available in the Market and will download to your device, you won't be able to sign up without an email "approved" by the developers; that is, have an invitation from someone who is already a user.

Much is still unknown about Pool Party, but the concept of a photo sharing app developed by Google is extremely intriguing and one that I would love to try out. The link to the app after the break. But unless you're in on the beta, you'll be left high and dry.

Source: TechCrunch

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tekhinator says:

I'm going to try it out.

I hope all these new services will be tightly integrated into ICS

tabatt13 says:

I don't get it? Why not Picassa? The already have Mac, Windows, Linux, web, and mobile web versions. Why no dedicated Android version? This is something Microsoft would do to confuse its users. Google usually tries not to create redundant apps.

shingi_70 says:

Picassa caters to the low end photo mangement crowd while this is a rival to instagram.

Two differnt crowds and uses.

icebike says:

That might be a useful description If I had a clue what instagram is...

dwd3885 says:

what do you mean no android version? Picasa is baked into the 2.1/2.2/2.3 stock gallery.

Jonneh says:

I gave myself over to Flickr long ago. I wish Google had bought them rather than Yahoo, though. :-\ But I still love the service and use it all the time. Really it's fantastic for people who just love taking, sharing and viewing others' photos. I'm far from a professional photographer and I still love the site. Google, please buy flickr :P

Mobius360 says:

So who can give me an invite to all these new apps from google?

Jonneh, I also use Flickr, it's a great service. I find the app Flickroid to do a great job of uploading photos from my phone to their site.

BrianTufo says:

I put in for an invite for this but I got Google+ already so I can live waiting for this one haha. Seems cool though that's for sure.

Atom661 says:

Ok, so were do I go to put in for the invite!?!?

Mobius360 says:


notsonic says:

the stock gallery with a picasa account already does everything instagram does aside from the filters...

anthonyzul says:

Where can I request an invite??

wait.. Got it! WOOT!

keeycheng says:

hey man...mind to send me invite?

renly says:

Me too! send me an invitation, THX. renli.liu(at)gmail(dot)com

twdy says:

if you don't mind...


some00 says:

Can anyone can send me an invitation plz? somevago (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks in advance...

flipbeats says:

can someone invite me joseph.delarosa@gmail.com

Lv#AC says:

If there any avaliable invites please invite me lavanceduque (at)gmail(.)com. Thanks in Advance.

LAXoptic says:

Would love an invite. Happy to trade for a google+ invite...
photo [at] laxoptic.com


batis#AC says:

can someone please send me an invite?

please PM me.


salardo says:

send me an invite s.meghrazchi@gmail.com