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Reports have emerged over the past couple of weeks that a significant number of European Android developers have yet to receive their payment for sales during February 2012. And today, Google has today informed affected developers that payment has been initiated, and that the money should start appearing in their bank accounts within three working days.

A statement for European devs on the Google Play developer console reads --

February 2012 Payout Delays
We're aware of reports from some European developers that they have yet to receive their March 2012 payout for February 2012 sales. Please rest assured that we are aware of this issue and have worked to resolve it. The payout has been initiated on 15 March 2012. However, it may take up to three additional business days to register the payout in your bank account. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced and appreciate your understanding.

Google has sent a similar message to affected developers by email, apologizing for the late payment and advising them to allow three working days for their banks to process the payment.

No explanation was offered as to why the payments were so late, but we imagine some kind of technical glitch was to blame, possibly relating to the switch-over from Android Market to the new Google Play Store. Hopefully this marks the end of a frustrating couple of weeks for European Android developers.

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Reader comments

Google: Delayed app developer payments now going out


Huh...there was a problem...then it got fixed. There wasn't a need to reach out to everyone and say, "hey we have a fix planned for," then miss a date and piss everyone off further. There was just "action" - and then a "reaction."

Where's Petro and his 14 different aliases to whine about it?

Did you notice that Google still has not said what the problem was? The devs are the ones that basically uphold Android's ecosystem and Google does not even have the courtesy to say what the actual problem was. Do they really expect to keep devs on their OS without any transparency?

Also of note, how much interest on that unpaid money do you think Google earned while their dev community was assed out for half a month? Amazing how Google's "mistakes" are only of advantage to them.

It was probably something ridiculously simple like forgetting to find>>replace "Android Market" with "Google Play."

Something that stupid would make them look incompetent...far worse PR-wise than keeping their traps shut & letting people speculate.

well at least they sent something that resembles an email from a person and not an automated, meaningless message that means nothing. Time for Google to fix the problem of the black hole that is support for app publishers.

It's a bit like a bank stopping your card and then pointing you to an email address, that no one monitors, to resolve the situation. Maybe it's time to give up and switch to another bank???